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  • 5×5

    This isn’t some math problem. It’s your solution to build power and strength. By Eddie Avakoff   What attracts me to...

    Sharon OrtigasOctober 19, 2017
  • Over-40 Fitness

      Expert advice for over-40 athletes about training, supplementation, nutrition, hormones and more. By Jay Campbell and Jim Brown    ...

    Sharon OrtigasAugust 18, 2017
  • Perfect 10

    When time is short, hit one of these mini-blasters and get on with life. By Eddie Avakoff, owner of Metroflex LBC...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 19, 2017
  • Metabolic Chest

    This rapid-fire finisher will pump up your pecs like nothing else. By Team Iron Man   Chest development doesn’t have to...

    Sharon OrtigasJune 28, 2017
  • Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Rest/Pause

    Back in my younger days I was a Mike Mentzer fan, reading, absorbing and applying everything he wrote about his Heavy...

    Steve HolmanSeptember 27, 2014
  • An Introduction to Heavy Duty Training, Part 1

    n the early 1970s Mike Mentzer exploded on the bodybuilding scene like a meteorite blazing across the sky. Bodybuilding impresario Joe...

    Mike Mentzer and John LittleSeptember 1, 2003
  • High Intensity Q&A Part 1

    John Little knew and worked with Mike Mentzer for well over two decades. They shared an abiding love of philosophy and...

    Mike Mentzer and John LittleMay 1, 2003
  • Machines vs. Free Weights

    Shortly before his death, Mike Mentzer and John Little put the final touches on what would be Mentzer’s last book. Virtually...

    Mike Mentzer and John LittleApril 1, 2003
  • A Compendium of High-Intensity Training Principles, Part 2

    This month we continue with a discussion of intensity and ways to manipulate it for better gains, excerpted from High-Intensity Training,...

    Mike MentzerMarch 13, 2003
  • Stress and the GAS

    Stress is a popular topic these days, the subject of innumerable magazine articles and a favorite at cocktail parties. Because stress...

    Mike MentzerJuly 1, 2001
  • Your Get-Big Diet Diary

    To achieve your bodyweight goal in a predictable, methodical fashion, keep a food diary. Do it for four days: Write down...

    Mike MentzerJuly 1, 2001
  • Rest/Pause Training Pt. 1

    Due to the resurgence of rest/pause training we present the following excerpt from Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Journal. The concept is...

    Mike MentzerMay 1, 2001
  • Hard Way

    Arthur Jones on intensity.

    Arthur JonesApril 1, 2001
  • Reach Your Potential In One Year

    Q: You claim it’s possible for someone to actualize the upper limits of his muscular potential in one year. You sure...

    Mike MentzerMarch 13, 2001
  • Average Expectations From Training

    “How much can I gain – how fast?” An impossible question, obviously – far too many factors are involved for even...

    Arthur JonesMay 17, 1974