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  • Stress and the GAS

    Stress is a popular topic these days, the subject of innumerable magazine articles and a favorite at cocktail parties. Because stress...

    Mike MentzerJuly 1, 2001
  • Your Get-Big Diet Diary

    To achieve your bodyweight goal in a predictable, methodical fashion, keep a food diary. Do it for four days: Write down...

    Mike MentzerJuly 1, 2001
  • Rest/Pause Training Pt. 1

    Due to the resurgence of rest/pause training we present the following excerpt from Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Journal. The concept is...

    Mike MentzerMay 1, 2001
  • Hard Way

    Arthur Jones on intensity.

    Arthur JonesApril 1, 2001
  • Reach Your Potential In One Year

    Q: You claim it’s possible for someone to actualize the upper limits of his muscular potential in one year. You sure...

    Mike MentzerMarch 13, 2001
  • Average Expectations From Training

    “How much can I gain – how fast?” An impossible question, obviously – far too many factors are involved for even...

    Arthur JonesMay 17, 1974