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Building Your Muscles from Underneath

7308-train3Sometimes to build more mass you have to go deep; that is, you have to build the muscles underneath. Here are three good examples:

Pullovers. These stretch your lats, but they also build the long head of the triceps. You get more mass as that deeper head pushes the entire triceps out, creating more sweep. Pullovers also engage the pec minor muscle, under the upper fibers of the pec major. That can thicken your upper chest.

Hammer curls. Doing dumbbell curls with your thumbs up trains the brachialis, the long muscle that snakes under the biceps and attaches to the lower-arm bone. Build the brachialis, and it will push your biceps up, creating a more peaked and impressive flex. MRI studies show incline hammer curls to be the best brachialis builder.

Seated calf raises. These train the soleus, which lies under the beefier gastrocnemius. Mass up your soleus, and your lower legs will took thicker, and much like the brachialis-biceps relationship, a fuller soleus will push your gastroc out for a more diamond peak.

—Steve Holman


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