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Brandon James Beckrich

Full name: Brandon James Beckrich

Date of birth: January 26, 1984

Height: 5’10 1/2”

Off-season weight: 272

Contest weight: 225

Current residence: Schereville, Indiana

Years training: Six

Occupation: Personal trainer and nutritionist

Marital status: Single

Children: Son, Jaxin, two

How did you get into bodybuilding? I played a lot of different sports all the way through high school, including football, soccer and wrestling. I was also a very good bowler. I started training with weights for the various sports and started enjoying that more than the actual sports. After high school a friend invited me to come to his gym and meet a local bodybuilder named Donnell. He spotted my potential and took me under his wing. Six months later I did my first contest. I won the teenage class and took second in the open light heavies, and that was it. I wasn’t stopping after that!

Who inspired you when you were starting out? I always admired the physiques of Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone—Dorian for his hardcore training and the other two for their amazing combination of mass and aesthetics. But I would have to say that meeting Jay Cutler at the Arnold Classic when I was just getting into the sport made a huge impression on me. Jay was so cool to me and was very encouraging. That meant a lot to a young guy like me to be treated so well by one of the top pro bodybuilders alive today.

Top titles: ’07 NPC Indiana Heavyweight and Overall champion

Favorite bodypart to train: Legs

Favorite exercise: Squats or front squats

Least favorite exercise: Lunges

Best bodypart: I think it’s either my legs or back, but people are always complimenting me on my arms. They are 22 1/2 inches in the off-season.

Most challenging bodypart: Chest or shoulders

Obstacles overcome: Having to start up and run my own business ( while trying to get custody of my son and maintain focus on my competition at the same time was extremely difficult.

Do you have a quote or a philosophy you try to live by? Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

How do you stay motivated? My son inspires me a lot. I want him to be proud of his dad. Also, I absolutely love to train, and I’m very competitive by nature. I would say being overlooked at the ’09 NPC Nationals gave me a huge boost of motivation to come back next time looking so good that I have to be recognized. I know I’m better than that, so now it’s up to me to prove it.

How would you describe your training style? I’m known in my area as a very hard trainer and have yet to find a workout partner who can keep up with me. I do a lot of supersets to break down the muscle fibers to the max.

Training split: Day 1: back; day 2: quads, calves; day 3: off; day 4: chest, calves; day 5: hams; day 6: off; day 7: delts, calves; day 8: arms

Favorite clean meal: Lean ground turkey with brown rice pasta and Louisiana hot sauce

Favorite cheat meal: Mexican food

What’s your favorite MuscleTech Hardcore Pro supplement and why? I love Cell-Tech Hardcore. I stay so full when I use it that I literally look pumped all the time —it’s a great feeling!

Goals in the sport: I want to turn pro and be the best I can be in this sport. Ultimately, I would like to make my mark in the industry and have some influence on the next generation.

Training Program

Pullups 3 x max
Bent-over rows 4 x 12-15
Hammer Strength rows 4 x 12
Close-grip pulldowns 4 x 12-15
   Bent-over dumbbell rows 3 x 6-8
   T-bar rows 3 x 6-8
Hyperextensions 4 x 20

Quads and calves
Leg presses 4 x 15
Hack squats 4 x 10-12
Front squats 4 x 10
Leg extensions 5 x 15
Seated calf raises 4 x 20
Donkey calf raises 4 x 20
Leg press calf raises 4 x 15

Chest and calves
Incline presses 4 x 12
Incline dumbbell flyes 4 x 15
Hammer Strength incline presses 3 x 10
Flat-bench flyes 3 x 10
   Dumbbell bench presses 2 x 6-8
   Cable crossovers 2 x 6-8

Seated leg curls 4 x 15
Lunges 3 x 20
Jefferson lifts or dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts 3 x 15
Adductor machine 4 x 20
Lying leg curls 4 x 20

Smith-machine presses 4 x 12
Seated lateral raises 5 x 12
Dumbbell front raises 4 x 12
   Upright rows 3 x 15
   Dumbbell shrugs 3 x 15
   Bent-over lateral raises 3 x 15
   Reverse pec deck 3 x 15

Machine preacher curls 3 x 12
Cable curls 3 x 12
Incline dumbbell curls 3 x 12
Hammer curls 3 x 12
Bodyweight dips x 60 reps total
Overhead dumbbell extensions 4 x 12
Reverse-grip skull crushers 4 x 12
Straight-bar pushdowns 4 x 12

Off-Season Diet and Supplements

5:45 a.m.: Alpha Amino Prototype

Meal 1, 6:00 a.m.: 10 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 3 ounces low-sodium deli turkey breast, 2 cups oatmeal pancakes with handful blueberries

Meal 2, 8:30 a.m.: 12 ounces chicken, 2 large sweet potatoes

Preworkout, 10:00 a.m.: 2 scoops naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series, Alpha Amino Prototype

Postworkout, 11:00 a.m.: 2 scoops grape Cell-Tech Hardcore, 3 scoops chocolate Nitro-Tech Hardcore

Meal 3, 12:30 p.m.: 12 ounces lean turkey burger on Ezekiel bread

Meal 4, 3 p.m.: 12 ounces chicken breast, 2 1/2 cups brown rice pasta with 1/2 cup spaghetti sauce

Meal 5, 5:30 p.m.: 12 ounces chicken breast, 3 baked potatoes, handful almonds

Meal 6, 8 p.m.: 12-14 ounces sirloin steak, 1 cup green beans, 3 cups homemade mashed potatoes


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