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Boyz In the Hood

Check out the best picks for this ultimate fitness staple

By Amanda Burrill, MA


Hoodies are “off the clock” wear to some, but to us athleisure types, there is no shame in rocking a hoodie all day every day. Aside from looking good and evoking a feeling of cool, a hoodie is great for hiding a bad hair day, signaling to others that you want to be left alone, hiding your tears, or escaping a downpour. Hoodies are a wardrobe staple, but they need to roll with the punches and look good doing it. Here are my picks for six of the most stylish, comfortable, and versatile hoodies on the market.



Better Bodies Jersey Hoodie

Cost: $99

Where to buy:

This lightweight hoodie will get you to and from the gym in streamlined fashion, but it’s also great for wearing during your workout. The body is unlined, so it’s nice and cool, but the hood interior is jersey cotton, which feels good on the face and noggin. What stands out about this model are the ribbed cuffs and waistband—a bit of a nod to the classic hoodie look. My skin was concealed, but it was perfectly clear that my waistline was on point. This is definitely cut for the person who wants to show the world that they keep it tight through the middle.



Live Fit Recon Tech Jacket

Cost: $110

Where to buy:

I dig this fashionable fitness brand. The feel is streetwear meets bodybuilding, and the color variety won’t leave you disappointed. To change it up from the rest of the cotton-poly playing field, I tested out this brand’s weatherproof hoodie. The shell—there is no lining—is water and wind resistant with a sealed zipper. The zip pockets are great and the cut looks fresh, with a three-panel body and contoured hood. There is very little stretch, which is to be expected in a windproof hoodie, so it performs better during outdoor cardio than in the gym.





Celestial Bodiez Unisex Lightweight Hoodie

Cost: $40

Where to buy:

If your girlfriend likes to steal your hoodies, you might as well get one that looks good on both of you. This unisex hoodie is made from a lightweight and breathable tri-blend fabric that is perfect for training in the gym or going out for a lazy Sunday breakfast. It’s cut on the long side, so even tall guys can rock it, and the charcoal gray not only looks good, it hides every stain or drop of sweat that hits it.



Better Bodies Women’s Athletic Hood

Cost: $99

Where to buy:

This is a triple threat: looks great on the go, works during the gym sesh, and is warm enough to withstand the outdoor elements, too. I’m a big fan of the zipper and lining in contrast color, and I love the elastic binding and thumb holes that give this piece a very athletic feel to match the fitted cut. The hood has a close-fitting three-piece construction lined with a matching mesh. Best of all, it doesn’t shrink at all.



Crew Brushed Fleece Zip Hoodie

Cost: $78 (Tall $83)

Where to buy:

Fair warning: I will borrow this hoodie from you and you won’t get it back. This no-brainer is a comfy cloud in soft vintage fleece, with an old-school drawstring hood, large slant pockets, and rib trim at the cuffs and hem. The cuffs aren’t super tight or structured. They’re… just right. Being able to wear it to the gym and throw it in the washer and dryer without a second thought seems like a gift.


Celestial Bodiez Cropped Hoodie

Cost: $99

Where to buy:

Hoodies are warm, hoodies are easy, hoodies hide all your winter weight. Well, not this hoodie. Stay warm up top and still show off your abs! I imagine this to be a fitness photo-shoot staple for the ladies. Not everyone can pull it off, but if you can, it’s going to look smoking hot. Comes in charcoal or white.




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