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www.ironmanmagazine.comThe bedrock principle of Iron Man magazine from Vol. 1, No. 1, to the present has been to inspire and inform, thereby giving you the tools for personal transformation. Progressive-resistance exercise—that is, bodybuilding—is the universal (and only) tool for physical transformation.

The barbell and its antecedents are the magic wands of change. Anaerobic work is the best way to build muscle, and we are now finding that it’s also the best way to burn fat. The astounding thing is that the transformative power of bodybuilding knows no age or gender limits. Whatever your physical goal—losing fat or gaining muscle—whether you’re young or old or anywhere in-between, you can profoundly transform your body through bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is the creator of muscle and strength and the engine of fat loss. Sure, nutrition and supplementation are important, but the weight workout is the essential act that sets the stage for a cascade of events that lead to change.

[Download a free issue of Iron Man Magazine for iPhone and iPad]

Beyond the external physical changes, scientists have discovered that exercise profoundly alters the environment on the cellular level. We now know that the aging process is caused partly by the slow accumulation of “debris.” Exercise helps to clean house.

So, along with getting stronger and building larger muscles and burning fat, we are creating an environment for more efficient cells. That discovery is possibly the holy grail of longevity. Everything starts and stops at the cellular level, so by enhancing the processes through the bodybuilding workout, you’re also making deposits in your longevity account. We all knew about getting stronger and leaner, but now we can add enhanced longevity to the benefits of bodybuilding training. Because of the deep cellular transformation, everyone can drink from this fountain of youth.

In addition, I believe that the satisfaction we get from a bodybuilding workout stems partly from endorphins and also partly from the process of cell regeneration that the workout enhances. We understand that the very destructive nature of the bodybuilding workout sets the stage for regeneration and growth.

The physical and the mental and psychological aspects are always interwoven. The Greeks had it right—a strong mind in a strong body. A bodybuilding workout gives a special satisfaction because you can feel that you accomplished something. That knowledge of accomplishment is where it starts. IM

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