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Body by Design

If you’re online a lot looking for training information and motivation, you probably know the name Kris Gethin. He’s editor in chief at, but he’s also been a successful trainer and made his own physical transformation, as you’ll see in his new full-color hardbound book, Body by Design.

At first you may think his tome is mainly BodySpace propaganda—it even touts the online fitness social network on the cover. The fact is, it’s jam-packed with solid body-transformation info, and the production values are spectacular. This isn’t a quick-and-dirty desktop publication—it’s a superbly done bodybuilding lifestyle guide.

Especially noteworthy is Gethin’s analysis of motivation at the beginning of the book. He segments it into fixed and limitless. Getting paid for doing something is fixed—and fleeting—but limitless motivation is the key to long-term success. That consists of intangible benefits like enjoyment, sense of accomplishment and social connection.

That last one is the link to BodySpace and its ability to provide you with feedback from others who are on or have been on your kind of transformation path.BodySpace is also a place for advice and to announce your fitness goals. Revealing your goals to others hammers into your subconscious that your body transformation is a real commitment. You’re “living out loud,” as Gethin says, something necessary for limitless motivation.

Motivation is the running theme throughout, as every few pages the author includes a BodySpace success story, most entries with impressive before and after photos. You also get plenty of rock-solid eating and workout info. The training Gethin outlines takes you from the very beginning stages to more advanced workouts, with full-color start and finish photos of most of the exercises.

The last section is Frequently Asked Questions, where Gethin covers missing meals, coffee intake, results expectations, home training and more.

Body by Design is the perfect book for people looking to transform their body quickly into something they can be proud of.


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