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Better-than-ever Shredder, Ben the great, and organize for size

The interview with Dave Goodin [“Older-But-Better Texas Shredder,” January ’09] is an example of why IRON MAN is my favorite bodybuilding magazine. Dave is someone I can identify with, as I’m a 45-year-old drug-free bodybuilder, even though I don’t compete. His physique is one I can aspire to, and his training, nutrition and lifestyle are things I can apply. Reading about what the IFBB pros do is interesting, but I simply can’t identify. The information they provide is based on having all the time in the world to train plus super genetics that are enhanced by drugs. That’s about .001 percent of the population. Keep publishing more from guys like Dave. He’s a true inspiration and a real bodybuilder in my book.

Kenneth Simonson
Chicago, IL

Editor’s note: You just explained perfectly why Dave is an IM reader favorite. We’re happy to have him aboard. He keeps us striving for those super shreds too.

Ben the Great

I was sad to see that Ben Weider passed away. John Balik’s Publisher’s Letter [in the January ’09 IM] was a touching tribute to a great man. He did so much to make bodybuilding respectable in the international sports community. His efforts were the perfect complement to his brother Joe’s phenomenal achievements in the bodybuilding world. Thank you, Ben. You will be missed.

Sage Karlson
via Internet

Star Power

I just started competing in bodybuilding, and one of my goals is to be featured in Lonnie Teper’s Rising Stars. I think it’s great that you give pages to up-and-coming bodybuilders. Watch for me, L.T.

Gerard Padilla
Baton Rouge, LA

Editor’s note: Okay, we’re on the lookout for you. Keep training hard, eating clean consistently and reading IRON MAN, of course. You will get there.

Whack-the-Back Solution

I’ve been using a pair of the Flexsolate grip-free cuffs for a few months, and I love them. I can finally feel my lats working instead of my arms when I do pulldowns. I was glad to see your interview with the inventor, Terry Baldwin, in the January issue [“Strapping Up to Glory”]. What a great physique for a 53-year-old. Very motivating.

Joseph Starky
Columbus, OH

Editor’s note: The Flexsolate grip-free isolation cuffs are a great training aid. For more information, visit

Organize for Size

I’ve been bodybuilding for about six months, and my training has been all over the map. There are so many workout ideas out there that I’m never sure if what I’m doing is right. Is it one set per bodypart or 15? Do I use one exercise for a muscle or five? So confusing. I recently read about Positions of Flexion training in IRON MAN, and it made more sense than anything I’d read. I immediately got the e-book [3D Muscle Building]. What an incredibly logical take on bodybuilding! I’m already seeing big results with three exercises per bodypart, two sets each. I can feel the muscles getting deep stimulation thanks to the full-range training the three positions provide. Thanks for such an organized, logical system.

Bill McKenna
via Internet

Editor’s note: For more information on Positions-of-Flexion mass training, visit or

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