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Better Circulation for More Muscle Growth

Vince Gironda used to write about building more capillaries. Blood cells travel through the arteries and capillaries carrying oxygen and muscle building nutrients to all the tissues including muscle tissue. Then they carry waste products and carbon dioxide away from the various tissues including muscle-tissue. It’s important to include training that encourages new capillaries for new more efficient blood-flow, better pumps and more muscle building potential.

An efficient capillary network can be the deciding factor for fast muscle growth. Think about it. You probably have muscle groups that pump more easily than others, right? Do those muscle groups grow more easily than others? My experience say’s yes.

Why the difference? Muscle groups that have a better blood supply get a better pump and grow more rapidly. They get more nutrients, more oxygen and build more muscle.

How do you improve your capillary network and therefore your blood supply? Even more important… how do you bring up harder growing body parts?

Here’s how two trainers known for producing symmetrical physiques with their protégés. They did it with super high-rep training. 50 to 100 reps. This forces a lot of blood into the muscle.

Vince Gironda’s high rep method: Vince would have his clients do an extra workout for slow growing muscles strictly with high reps on a day that would normally be a rest day on that muscle group. He’d have them do 3 sets of 50 reps of one exercise. You don’t go to failure on these sets. It’s quick and intense.

Rory Leidelmeyer’s 100 rep method: Pick a weight that has you getting about 70 reps before you fail. Rest 20 to 30 seconds and try to get 15-20, rest 15 to 20 seconds and try for the rest. If you need to add more sets to get to 100 just keep adding sets as you need to get your 100 reps.

Here’s the trick to these methods. You only do them on 1 body part at a time and only do this for a few weeks. Stop for 2 weeks and then repeat it on the same body part or move on to another.

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