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Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains – Specialization Techniques Symmetry

It’s almost inevitable that once you gain a bit of experience in training to build muscle you are going to find a few body parts lagging behind in development in relation to others. Either that or you will find an exercise that you just don’t seem to be as strong performing as others. It may be related to any one or combination of several factors including: genetics; varying degrees of muscle fiber types or differences in neuro-muscular-activation.

Going all the way back to the days of John Grimmek (1948 Mr. Universe) and Steve Reeves (1950 Mr. Universe) and moving forward to Arnold they all used a technique of doing an exercise twice within a workout to overcome the slower strength gain for that exercise or slower development for that body part. They’d do the movement within their normal workout, then come back and do it again at the end of the workout.

Today, Charles Poliquin recommends this same technique for his athletes. He calls it Double Training and says he learned it from Canadian weightlifting coach Pierre Roy. It’s ironic because John Grimmek who wrote about this technique often was not only a bodybuilder but a member of the York Barbell Club with deep roots in Olympic Weightlifting.

Use this technique, on whatever you want to improve but do it twice in the workout. It’s great for slashing training plateaus, for new muscle growth or for strength training on any exercise. For example, if your chins are weak, you chin at the beginning of a workout, then you chin again at the end. Let’s say your upper pecs need more development then you can do inclines at the beginning of a workout, complete your entire chest workout then, come back and do inclines again at the end of the workout.

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