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Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains – Concentration and Focus

Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains – Concentration and Focus

If you ever get a chance to see World class bodybuilders, powerlifters or weightlifters train, you’ll notice that the workouts are very businesslike. The cell phones are either turned off or left in the locker. Conversation is kept to a bare minimum and revolves around things like “put on another quarter”, next up (name an exercise) and things of that nature.

Champions are oblivious to things going on around them because they’re focused on what they’re doing. Most of them need little if any pushing or encouragement. They get the most out of every set and every rep. People used to say that a bomb could go off next to Arnold and he’d continue doing his set until he couldn’t get another rep. Slower growing body parts or exercises need even a higher level of concentration.

There’s something very special about observing a champion train. They’re totally focused on their goal for the set, on the contraction of the muscle, on how they’re going to look. There’s a look of self-determination on their faces, in their eyes and in their attitude that can’t be missed. It’s inspiring to be around these people.

If you’re wandering around the gym talking (even during a set), texting, reading the paper, answering your cell phone, talking about the game or what happened at work today, then there’s good news… you have a tremendous opportunity to make improvements in your results.

I suggest that you make a promise to yourself that from this day forward: You’re going to turn off the cell phone and forget about the game or whatever it is that distracts your attention. Focus on the job at hand: building muscle.

Pretend that you’re fighting a life-and-death battle in which your life depends on this workout, this set and this rep. Arnold S. once told a friend of mine (true story) that he would pick a weight that he could get eight reps with, and then he would imagine that if he didn’t get 12 reps, his mother would be burned at the stake. Now that’s focus!

I assure you, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish. Ask a champion how they get in shape and more than likely the answer will be, “I think about it.”

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