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Bacterial Benefits

www.ironmanmagazine.comProbiotics are becoming increasingly popular as a health booster. The main reason is that their good bacteria soothes the savage stomach—but according to the February ’12 Reader’s Digest, the beneficial bugs can improve your health—and workouts—in other ways:

1) Heart helper. Canadian researchers found that subjects lowered their bad—a.k.a. LDL—cholesterol by taking a strain of probiotics.

2) Stress buster. A supplemental probiotic helped those who took it reduce stress significantly compared to those who didn’t get the supplement.

3) Mouth mender. Certain probiotic strains can reduce some of the harmful bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease.

4) Immune booster. Probiotic supplements can reduce infections and your ability to catch a cold.

And with their ability to improve digestion, it makes sense that probiotics can help you better use muscle-building nutrients like protein. For that reason some supplement companies, like Gaspari Nutrition, are infusing their already potent protein supplements with probiotics. Makes perfect sense.

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