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Arnold and The Plan

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Many people go to the gym without a plan. Is it any wonder that their results are less than they expect? Arnold has always had a plan in general and for his workouts in particular. His ability to plan and focus are key tenets of his success. In his words, “My focus is always on the bottom line,” as he calls any goal or result that he wants.

To use that insight, you must first determine what is the “bottom line” of your workout—why do you go to the gym? There are as many bottom lines as there are people training. My goals in the gym are vastly different from those of my teen years and have evolved from all-out effort for a competition to a lifestyle. Arnold still loves to train, and he always speaks with great enthusiasm for his current workouts and what they mean to him. While the intensity has been dialed way back, the goals are still vivid and satisfying.


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