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Are You Mad Enough! Part 3

If you’re mad enough below is all the motivation you’ll need to change you fitness reality!

Three Strategies To Challenge your fitness Reality

[Fear can become your friend]

Overcoming fear is paramount. Mike Tyson once stated that most of his opponents were intimidated before the fight. As a result, the contenders lost before they absorbed the first punch. Fear leads to defeat. Every time we set foot in the gym or on the field, we engage in an inner psychological warfare against fear. In order to overcome fear you must embrace it. You must attack it, not let it attack you. The fear turns your reality in on itself; you must liberate yourself by simply facing what disturbs you most in all facets of life, but namely success. The more you’re willing to experience fear, the less power it has to over whelm you. Fear in itself isn’t bad, yet how we respond to it can be. Fear can actually become our friend and become ally to us versus an adversary.

The great boxing trainer, Cus D’amato once was quoted as saying. “Fear wasn’t something to be ashamed or embarrassed of, but [it] was a natural way to feel that fear is in fact a friend, and [it] is the body’s way of preparing you to face danger.”He said, “The important thing is to control it.” The fear of failure is one of the biggest enemies that invade the heart and mind. It undermines our defenses. Fear attacks from the inside out, subconscious thoughts that manifest into conscious doubts. From our workouts to competition, this emotional war criminal infiltrates our thoughts, and then it wages war on the front lines of our minds.

[Harness your emotions]

The ability to harness the power of your emotions is a large leap in challenging reality. As an athlete, one loses control emotions frequently, specifically during competitions. For instance, you may be in a weight lifting competition. You get to a weight that feels like Styrofoam during training- it was conquered sessions ago. However, due to the weight of the moment, the weight on the bar becomes too heavy to lift. It’s the internal pressure that causes you to blow it. The fear of failing the lift caused your confidence to collapse. One study used sport-specific images designed to create a stress response when viewed by participants. By altering images to generate proactive versus reactive responses, participants’ minds were reframed. This is a method called “cognitive reappraisal”. An athlete or trainee can easily neutralize the negative impact found in stress-inducing scenes.

[Become comfortable with discomfort ]

The more you excel despite discomfort, the more you exuberance experience. Our success hinges on our ability to endure hardship. In training, as we become comfortable with discomfort, it allows us to push pass any performance anxiety. Researcher Matthew Jones at the University of New South Wales says. “The longer we stick with an exercise program, the less physically discomforting it will feel, even if we increase our efforts. The brain begins to accept that we are tougher than it had thought, and it allows us to continue longer although the pain itself has not lessened.” As we develop a range of training tolerance techniques, the discomfort merely discloses our real character and instills the necessary fortitude to persevere. As we become proficient practitioners of our discipline,discomfort becomes our currency and carries us through the pain we bear. This is where you ask yourself are you mad enough? And then answer the call to succeed.


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