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Are you mad enough! part 2


Killer Instinct

Often, trainees and athletes develop and maintain a killer or conqueror instinct when pursuing greatness and pushing beyond limits they’ve placed upon themselves. This killer or conqueror instinct is the hidden desire to defeat the opponent of doubt so badly it’ll need therapy to recover.

Idan Ravin, a personal trainer for the NBA has broken down the killer instinct into an organized system of components. These components are love of the game, ambition, obsessive-compulsive behavior, arrogance/ confidence, selfishness and non-culpability/ guiltlessness. Often times, I’ve gone to train, yet I just was not into it. My body was there; my mind was there, but my heart was not. However, after I finished my workout, not only had I forgotten my despair and irritation, but I ended up having one of the most mystifying and exhilarating workouts of my life. The experience was transcendent. It was a merging of emotion, deep thoughts, pure determination, and raw strength. I learned that day that we should never go by how we feel when the feelings are negative. Such feelings will lie to us and cause us to underachieve. Underachievement results from the fact that our focus is skewed, and thus we are not determined or diligent in our drive to development, progress, and succeed.
If you ever want to achieve true prominence in fitness,sports, or in life, you must consistently raise the bar and look at each benchmark as a step toward something higher and greater. Raising the bar not only raises the stakes but raises your consciousness and expectations. A wise person once said, “You don’t have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to become great.” Another said, “If you take no risk there can be no reward,” and the rewards are what keep you moving forward, pushing past insurmountable pain and sacrifice. Why? Because struggle is worth enduring when the outcome betters you. It’s time we dismantled all of the psychological myths associated with challenging reality. Ask yourself, do you really have anything to lose? The illusion is that there is actually a risk of losing. In other words, when we see ourselves losing, we engage in self-fulfilling prophecy; even though, it is adverse and undermines our initial plan to succeed. On numerous occasions, high stress, high pressure situations generate a defeatist attitude in individuals who are insecure and unsure of their skills. We must not allow the moment of doubt to become bigger than us due to the fact that we no longer trust our resilient determination.

Embrace the revelation that you are the author and visionary of your fitness fate. Being cautious doesn’t cut it when your gains are on the line. To surpass trepidation, you must drown out adverse, unauthorized voices of doubt . Once you become mad enough and seek to contest reality what you have become is a visionary with goals that must be satisfied. This is challenging reality with determination. That’s when you can start to see the outcome before it comes out.

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