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Are Smith-machine squats a midrange exercise for quads or hamstrings?

ironmanmagazine.comQ: In Positions-of-Flexion mass training are Smith-machine squats a midrange exercise for quads or hamstrings? I’ve seen them classified as both.

A: You can use Smith-machine squats as your midrange exercise for quads; however, your feet should be directly under your hips.

If you move your feet forward, you bring in your hamstrings more, so they become a midrange move for hams. You may want to do them with the bar in front of your neck for more perfect vertical-torso form, but front or back you get a good midrange ham attack.

So to follow true Positions-of-Flexion full-range mass-building protocol, you would do Smith-machine squats (midrange), sissy squats (stretch) and leg extensions (contracted) for quads.

For hamstrings you would do feet-forward Smith-machine squats (midrange), semi-stiff-legged deadlifts (stretch) and leg curls (contracted).

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