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Angela Leong

How did it feel to win the IRON MAN Magazine Hardbody Contest?

It was one of my most significant wins thus far. What a contest it was! All the girls were amazingly beautiful and very successful already, so to be selected to be among them was truly an honor. There were Facebook fans from places like Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, just to name a few. It was incredible. This contest taught me so much about myself. My eyes were opened. I did not realize how many people I inspired. It was humbling and the greatest feeling I have experienced thus far.

“Motivation: My desire to challenge myself and improve every day.”

What’s your educational background?

I graduated high school from Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu, Hawaii. I have a B.A. in philosophy, with minors in psychology and sociology, from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. I also earned an M.S. in counseling psychology with an emphasis in college counseling from Chaminade University, Honolulu.

Please list some of your awards and contest placings.

I achieved a full athletic scholarship in women’s tennis at Loyola Marymount University and was a National College Scholar Athlete and LMU Sportsmanship and MVP award winner. I was the first bikini competitor in the Pacific Northwest to receive a pro card. The shows I’ve been in include the following: ’09 NPC Emerald Cup, Eclass, 2nd; ’09 NPC Junior Nationals, E-class, 2nd; ’10 NPC Oregon State, overall; ’10 NPC Masters Nationals, D-class, 1st; ’10 IFBB North American Championships, masters, E-class, 1st, and overall; ’11 IFBB St. Louis Pro Championship, 5th (pro debut); ’11 IFBB Tampa Pro, 7th.

“My greatest achievement thus far is choosing to live a healthy lifestyle from here on out.”

What’s your favorite junk food? Your favorite healthy food?

The healthy food would be sushi. The other is Papa Murphy’s Veggie DeLite Pizza.

Favorite book?

The Bible and Purpose Driven by Rick Warren.

How about favorite musical group and TV show?

Maroon 5 and “Two and a Half Men.”

Give us a sample of your gym playlist.

“Last Friday Night (TGIF),” Katy Perry; “Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster the People; “Tight Rope,” Janelle Monáe; “I Wanna Go,” Britney Spears; “Moves like Jaggar,” Maroon 5.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made with your training?

Lack of intensity. When I first began training, I was taught the old school of thought, which was to make sure to concentrate on form, to go very slow and rest between sets. Over time it was easy to get into a funk. I thought I was working hard, but in actuality, I wasn’t. For me, slow-paced training worked briefly; however, once I learned that I needed to pick up my intensity and recondition myself to push harder, the results that I was looking for started to show. I focused less on how much weight I could move and more on what energy I was giving when performing the movements. I discovered that high intensity, fast pace and very little rest between sets worked best for my goals, and I make sure I don’t settle for anything less than that every time I touch a weight or do cardio. No talking, no socializing, no walking—just hauling ass from start to finish with concentration and focus.

What’s your current workout split?

AL: Monday: legs; Tuesday: shoulders, triceps; Wednesday: chest; Thursday: back, biceps; Friday: butt; Saturday: cardio

Cardio: Love it or hate it?

I like cardio. To say that I hate it or love is too extreme. I love the way my body looks and feels after it’s done, that’s for sure.

Can you give us a sample bodypart routine?

Sure. Here’s what I last did for shoulders and triceps: Superset Shoulder presses 4 x 10 Barbell front raises 4 x 10 Bent-over lateral raises 4 x 10 Superset Arnold presses 3 x 8 One-arm laterals 3 x 8 Superset Rope pushdowns 3 x 15 Dumbbell nose crushers 3 x 10 Dumbbell kickbacks 3 x 15

Do you incorporate other forms of exercise into your weight-training program?

I do plyometrics regularly. It helps develop those glutes, which are so important for the bikini competitor.

What’s your current nutrition program?

Clean eating, eating consistently throughout the day, drinking lots of water and making sure to supplement my body with vitamins and minerals and amino acids. I also get to bed at a decent hour.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made with your nutrition?

Eating the same food every meal for weeks and weeks—chicken, broccoli, yams. So glad I don’t do that anymore.

What motivates you?

My desire to challenge myself and improve every day. To know that despite how well or not well each day is going, I choose to make the most of it. I love to learn and get better. It’s what keeps me young and sharp. It’s what life is all about. I’m also motivated when I can serve as an inspiration to others, especially those I love and care about deeply.

What philosophy do you live by?

There is no limit to learning. Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

“Fitness is the fountain of youth—it’s what reverses time and aging.”

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement thus far is choosing to live a healthy lifestyle from here on out. Not only am I happy and joyful with my health and fitness in how I look and feel, but now I can also serve as an inspiration for anyone who wants to make that lifestyle change. Fitness is the fountain of youth— it’s what reverses time and aging (by berry). I truly believe that. People are surprised when I tell them my age— and, yes, part of why I look so much younger is genetic, but it is really only a small part. I look and feel better than I did when I was a teenager or even in my 20s. As tennis is a lifelong sport, fitness is also, and the benefits are too great to pass up. It’s truly life changing and the greatest achievement that we can all reach if we choose it!

What are the top three items on your bucket list?

1) Win a pro show and qualify for the Olympia, 2) earn an endorsement contract with a great nutritional company, 3) be on a cover of a fitness magazine in the United States.

“I discovered that high intensity, fast pace and very little rest between sets worked best for my goals”

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I want to say, thank you—thank you so much for believing in me, encouraging me, lifting me up and showing your support. Words cannot express the gratitude I felt when IRON MAN posted on Facebook that I was the winner. I did not win this contest; you guys won this contest for me. Much aloha—much love—to you all! Please follow me on Twitter at IM

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