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Anabolic Testosterone

From the IRONMAN Training & Research Team

The most important weapon in a bodybuilder's arsenal'whether he's a beginner or a champion's testosterone. It's unquestionably the anabolic hormone most responsible for rapid muscle growth and astounding strength increases. Enhanced levels of testosterone in the body transform physiques from the spindly Clark Kent to the freaky Superman.

A select few of the genetically elite benefit from naturally high levels of testosterone, which explains their stunning increases in strength and immediate gains in muscle. That's the reason some people seem to grow almost effortlessly while others'i.e., the rest of us'struggle along making minimal gains. Fortunately, we now have a real solution to overcoming genetic limitations.

For years supplement makers have attempted to create products that produce results comparable to what the anabolic steroid testosterone can do. Sadly, despite the claims and promotion, none of those products have even approached testosterone's potency. That was then, however. Testosterone is perhaps the most famous and effective steroid ever produced, which explains its sustained popularity over the past 30 or 40 years. If you're looking for massive muscle growth and ungodly strength in record time, it's the obvious choice, right? Well, for many it is, but for others there's a real problem: Supplemental testosterone requires a prescription. So unless you got it with a prescription, you're breaking the law by buying it and using it.

You've no doubt witnessed its effects on people in your gym'the good and the bad. The muscle and strength are great, but the acne, hair loss, aromatization, puffiness and so on don't always balance out the equation.

I remember a conversation I had with the late Dan Duchaine, the steroid guru, back in 1988. He confidently claimed that if any new research and development were done with steroids, it wouldn't be very difficult to create a perfect steroid, one with only positive side effects. In fact, to illustrate how primitive Dan felt steroid science was back then, he said that there was more research and development going into making a top-quality running shoe than there was in the production of steroids. I was quite doubtful of his statement at the time, but 14 years later I've come around to his way of thinking.

Since steroids aren't the biggest moneymakers for the pharmaceutical companies, there's really no need to spend much time or financial resources on improving them. In fact, there's probably considerably more research going into the development of cutting-edge supplements than there is for steroids.

For years supplement makers have attempted to replicate the effects and effectiveness of steroids with only marginal success. You've certainly seen claims that products were 'steroidlike,' 'steroid replacement' and so forth. Pro-hormones made their debut about five years ago and brought with them the hope of a true alternative to steroids. While they weren't without merit, they didn't quite deliver what the muscle-hungry bodybuilding public was desperately seeking. Even with numerous delivery system alternatives, pro-hormones were still no match for the kick of real testosterone. So we've got a catch-22, right? Test works, but it's illegal'and the idea of breaking the law and relying on the black market doesn't appeal to most people. Plus, it hasn't been improved to minimize or eliminate potential negative side effects, so compromising your health isn't really a fair trade-off. You want the muscle gains, which are amazing. Trust me on that one: I've seen it over and over and am still in disbelief as the muscle seems to morph onto people's bodies before my very eyes. I've also seen the unwanted side effects, which practically negate any muscle or strength increases.

Nevertheless, when you see a guy struggle to bench 225 for one rep, and then three weeks later he's handling it with ease for sets of 12'and his strength keeps going up'it's hard to deny the power of test.

How does testosterone work? An increase in testosterone causes your body to become more anabolic. You enter a state of positive nitrogen balance, which means you quickly and efficiently assimilate protein, so your body can build muscle.

In the negative column, however, most oral steroids are 17-alpha-alkylated to make them orally active. They must pass through the liver to be absorbed into the bloodstream. So, while the alkylation bonding process is effective at keeping the compound intact, the liver is exposed to high levels of toxicity.

Researchers have created different delivery systems for pro-hormones to bypass the liver. That's even more important for pro-hormones than for steroids because up to 85 percent of the active pro-hormone is destroyed in the liver. Typically, only 15 percent of a pro-hormone is actually usable by the body. To combat that factor, researchers developed cyclodextrin delivery, using the mucosal membrane in the lining of the mouth, but it still only brought limited success because of its absorption limitations. Many variations of pro-hormones have flooded the market, including andro, norandro, 5-AD, 4-AD and, most recently, 1-AD, but they're all pro-hormones, which require enzymatic conversions in the body to make the ingredients active.

Now there's a remarkable new, as yet unclassified, compound: the pro-steroid. That's right, a pro-steroid'and the first to be introduced is known as 1-testosterone or by its trademark name T-100. Imagine what you already know about the potency of test and consider an amazing new supplement that's only one conversion away from free anabolic 1-testosterone. It's the most revolutionary substance ever to hit the legal bodybuilding market'definitely the real deal.

What about the negative effects of test? That's the best news. T-100 is almost completely without any negative side effects. It was designed specifically to maximize the potent muscle-building and strength-enhancing properties of testosterone while practically eliminating the negative. In fact, studies have shown that the pro-steroid T-100 is seven times more anabolic than the steroid testosterone.

How is that possible? T-100, unlike the steroid testosterone, remains active in the body for longer periods. Also, unlike test, it's not easily metabolized by the body into 17-keto steroids. T-100 has a longer effective lifespan, so its anabolic actions are prolonged for more muscle growth and strength increases.

ALLT-100 uses an ether-bonding technology, making it a 1-testosterone ether. It's absorbed in the intestines, which is an incredible advancement in delivery and absorption technology. T-100 bypasses the liver, which keeps the majority of the active ingredient intact so it can be absorbed in the bloodstream'to facilitate gains in muscle size and strength.

T-100 is actually a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). You may be familiar with DHT. It's the conversion of testosterone to DHT that causes many unwanted side effects, including hair loss and acne. In fact, test converts to both DHT and estrogen in large amounts in the body. The beauty of the pro-steroid T-100 is that it's a DHT derivative, but it doesn't easily convert to DHT. That remarkable design makes it practically flawless as an anabolic compound. You get muscle growth, strength, enhanced recuperation'plus increased aggression for insane training sessions'but you don't become a walking advertisement for negative side effects.

It seems too good to be true, so you may want to take a wait-and-see attitude. If you wait, however, you may miss your window of opportunity. Don't worry, though. You can keep training (at the same bodyweight, body composition and strength levels) and watch those around you who jumped at the chance to try something new, catapult their physiques beyond what they ever dreamed possible.

What do I mean by a window of opportunity? Something as potent as T-100'though completely legal and unclassified for now'will no doubt come under great scrutiny. When that happens, the select few who took advantage of the opportunity will be reaping the benefits, while those who hesitated will have possibly missed out for good. This stuff is for real, and while it may not be taken off the market, it could be. This incredible pro-steroid is going to revolutionize the supplement world. It will be high profile.

T-100 is very close in its actions and effectiveness to one of the greatest steroids ever made, trenbolone (Parabolan). It was most commonly used by top bodybuilders during their contest-prep phases because it causes increased muscle hardness, deep cuts and detailed muscularity, along with increases in strength. Parabolan was also known as something of a fat burner because it seemed to greatly enhance the dry, shredded, rock-hard look. Because of its similar properties to Parabolan, T-100 will help you build quality muscle, not puffy bulk.

Even though the positive side effects have been maximized and the negative effects have been minimized, there's a definite protocol to follow when using T-100. First of all, the product is not for women. That might seem obvious, but I still like to state it for the record. For people weighing under 225 pounds, the dose is two to three 100-milligram capsules per day. It's recommended you begin with two caps per day for five to seven days before increasing the dose. For those weighing more than 225 pounds, the recommended dose is three to four 100-milligram capsules per day. That group can begin with three caps per day for the first five to seven days before increasing the dosage. In as few as seven days test study subjects using T-100 began to feel and see noticeable differences in their physiques and strength levels.

Cycles should range from four to six weeks. I know it doesn't matter what cycle length is recommended, as people will do what they want. Still, it's not a good idea to stay on T-100 for more than eight weeks without a two-to-four-week break. You won't lose your gains when you come off, so don't worry about the cycle coming to an end. Keep training, and when the time comes for your next cycle, get ready for significant advancement in your physique.

Nearly every supplement has promises attached, but few truly deliver. T-100 walks the walk. As of now only one company, SAN, has developed the technology to manufacture this astonishing new pro-steroid.

As skeptical and cynical as Dan Duchaine was, I think even he would agree that pro-steroids like T-100 are a giant leap in the right direction.

Editor's note: You can get two 60-capsule bottles of T-100 for only $129.95 plus shipping and handling, a savings of more than $30. Call the IRONMAN Research Team at 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the T-100 Pro-steroid Offer. Please hurry, as quantities are limited at this early stage and we can't guarantee its availability for very long. IM

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