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Anabolic Steroids

A collection of eye-opening articles.

'Roids 101: An Anabolic Steroid Primer
Although they're most commonly associated with strength, power and bodybuilding competitions, disclosures during recent years make it clear that steroids have infiltrated nearly every sport.

Roids: Power Drugs or Potent Poisons
Due to their potential for causing health problems, steroids are classified as controlled substances and are banned by many sporting organizations.

Anabolic Drive: Bone Up On 'Roids
Leucine may be the key amino acid that drives muscle protein synthesis.

Bodybuilding Pharmacology: 'Roid Raves
How long do muscle gains last after you get off a steroid regimen?

Bodybuilding Pharmacology: Invisible Steroids
Invisible steroids and the other fat burner.

Bodybuilding Pharmacology: Roid Muscle Architecture
One aspect of steroids not previously examined is how they affect the internal structure of muscles; that is, the way muscle fibers contract.

Confessions of a Steroid User Pt. 2
The Big Five Mass-building Principles: Learning From Retrospect

Steroids, Growth and Recovery
Steroids enable the body to recuperate much faster through improved protein assimilation and a higher testosterone output. A natural bodybuilder would quickly overtrain if he attempted to follow the same routine as a professional bodybuilder.

Sticking With Steroids: The Highs, Lows and Woes of Injecting Anabolics
When I investigated the injection issue further, it turned out that all those needle sticks inflict injection-related problems.

Unchained: Safe Steroid Stack?
The "safe" steroids for women are those that are low in androgens.

What Are You On? (10 Things You Can Do to Get 'Roid-like Results Without Using)
Hormonal synergy is the reason there are so many 250-plus pound behemoths stalking the stages of pro shows.

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