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Anabolic-Acceleration Fuel

I’m a big believer in taking branched-chain amino acids. The latest research on L-leucine, one of the three BCAAs, shows that it is key to anabolic drive. That should convince us all that we need it for our mass to thrive.

Respected researcher Jerry Brainum has pointed out these incredible benefits of taking BCAAs:

• Levels of testosterone, a major anabolic hormone, were higher when men [in one study] took BCAA supplements.

• The results showed that cortisol levels and levels of an enzyme released during muscle breakdown called creatine kinase, were both reduced with BCAAs compared to when the same subjects didn’t get them. (Remember, cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause your body to store fat and burn muscle—bad deal.)

• Studies show a relationship between fat burning in muscle and the subsequent oxidation of BCAAs.

• It turns out that BCAAs appear to promote the fat-to-muscle activity of growth hormone and testosterone.

Anabolic effects, fat burning, hormone boosting—now you see why BCAAs are key when you’re on a mass-building spree. Good times to take BCAAs include 30 minutes before a meal, right after your workout for an extra boost of leucine and before bed to fight off catabolism as you sleep.

Editor’s note: For more on supplements that work, see Jerry Brainum’s e-book Natural Anabolics, available at

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