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Fun In the Sun

I’ve been into health and muscle building for many years, and I also enjoy the outdoors. I’ve always believed that being out in the sun makes a person healthier, despite the warning from dermatologists to cover up or put on sunblock. I realize that too much of anything can damage your health, including being out in the sun, but some regular sunshine, as long as you don’t burn, is a potent health builder. My thanks to Jerry Brainum for pointing that out in his article [“D-Lightful,” October and November ’09 issues]. As he indicated, vitamin D deficiency is rampant, and a lack of that vitamin may be the cause of many diseases. That’s a shame because all it takes is some simple sun exposure to get your levels up and achieve a healthier status.

Gary Wooldridge
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Cover Double Take

First let me compliment you on IRON MAN. I look forward to every issue and always find so much interesting stuff in each one. It helps me keep my workouts tuned up and my body in great shape. The most recent issue [November ’09] had me doing a double take when I took it out of the mailbox. I thought the cover model, Whitney Reid, was Ryan Seacrest [host of the “American Idol” television show]. Once I read the cover, I realized it wasn’t him, but for a minute there I was in serious shock. Thanks for a great magazine!

Spike Spagnola
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Editor’s note: We definitely see the resemblance betweeen Reid and Seacrest—from a facial-structure standpoint, that is. We guarantee the physiques are vastly different. If there was a posedown, the result would be “Seacrest out.”

Genetics Rule

It’s always great to see new faces in IRON MAN. I applaud your Rising Stars section and enjoy the various physiques. I was surprised to see that one star in the [November ’09] issue was Renel Charles, the 19-year-old son of IFBB pro Darrem Charles. The kid’s muscle shapes and potential are phenomenal. It just goes to show that genetics are the key element in bodybuilding success.

Phil Bastrop
Louisville, KY

Editor’s note: As the saying goes, if you want to be successful in bodybuilding, you have to pick the right parents. In fact, another up-and-coming physique star is Sergio Oliva Jr. The 25-year-old son of “the Myth” was featured in our Profiles in Muscle in the December ’09 issue.

Fat-to-Muscle Results

I’m using Eric Broser’s Power/Rep Range/Shock system. I also use X Reps, X Fades and Double-X Overload within that program with great results. Recently I also began incorporating [Steve Holman’s and Jonathan Lawson’s] fat-to-muscle concepts [from the e-book The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout], taking four-to-six-seconds on the negative stroke throughout some sets. It’s really working! I’ve been getting leaner yet more muscular, and I’m very happy. I’ve dropped a lot of bodyfat, yet I continue to get stronger and look better. I hope you aren’t offended that I’ve been tinkering with your system.

Julian Neil
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Editor’s note: Tinker away! Bodybuilding is all about experimentation—plus, change equals bigger gains, so continue to experiment with all of the mass-building methods out there. When gains slow down, you have to switch things up. For more on the e-book The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout, visit the X Shop at Eric Broser’s e-program Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout is available at

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