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5 Reasons Not To Eat Soy

ironmanmagazine.comBottom line: Soy is for dorks, particularly misinformed dorks. Here are five reasons not to eat soy:

Reason 1: Soy increases your toxic load. It’s one of the most sprayed crops. On top of that, during processing, aluminum content skyrockets.

Reason 2: Soy contains goitroigens, which are compounds that lead to hypothyroidism.

Reason 3: Soy has a high content of phytates, which are known to inhibit the absorption of both macrominerals (i.e., calcium) and trace minerals (i.e., zinc). The good news is that meat consumption blocks phytates, so if you’re going to eat tofu, make sure to have some meat at the same meal.

Reason 4: Soy-based infant formulas are linked to ADD. They contain 80 times more manganese than breast milk. Too high of a manganese content is linked to neurotoxicity. That’s the reason your daily multivitamin should not provide more than seven milligrams a day of manganese.

Reason 5: Hemagglutinin, a compound known to make red blood cells aggregate and, therefore, increase your cardiovascular load, is found in soybeans.

If you’re not convinced, read The Whole Soy Story, by Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D., C.C.N. You will be blown away by how poor for your health this so-called health food is.

—Charles Poliquin


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