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4th Annual Muscle Beach ToyDrive 2010

2010 Muscle Beach ToyDriveOver the years I realized more and more how blessed I am to have such great a family, friends, acquaintances, opportunities, and dream jobs.  I guess it is part of maturing when you sit back and look at all those things that have got you to the point where one stands at a certain point in life and career.  Granted, I take responsibility for the decisions I have made to get me to this point in my life but I couldn’t have done it without some awesome mentoring and guidance from some really great individuals, both family & friends.

With all that being said, one common factor that all those awesome people have in common is the act of giving.  In years past, I have given to numerous local and national organizations and charities for all types of reasons.   I know times may be tough for some during the current state of our economy and hope all will get better for those who are hurting.  Some of you may donate to just a local charity or cause rather than one across the country.  This year I decided to use the power of social media and the internet to help contribute to a toy drive and place I have memories dating back to 1965-66.  This is my way giving and helping the world we live in.

The other night I contacted Joe Wheatley who is the organizer of the 2010 Muscle Beach ToyDrive that is being held in Venice, California, on December 11-12, 2010.   I ran my idea by Joe and he gave me the OK to have donated toys sent to his house; all toys will be taken to Muscle Beach the days of the toy drive.

So what I am asking of all of you is to send an unwrapped toy or toys in support of the 2010 Muscle Beach ToyDrive.   I’m hoping at least there are toy donations from each state and maybe a few countries.   You don’t have to be in the bodybuilding, figure, fitness or bikini world to donate; all you need is a toy and send it to Joe.  For those wishing to donate, please send your UNWRAPPED toy(s) to:

Joe Wheatley Productions
1140 Winchester Avenue #17
Glendale, CA 91201

Those needing more info on the toy drive, including local drop-off points for those in Southern California, please visit the following link:

Click here for a copy of the Muscle Beach ToyDrive poster.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you all can donate to this awesome toy drive.  Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Year!  Roland B.

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