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Training Loads: Customize for Size and Strength

/ Posted 07.17.2009

Q: You don’t use percentages to determine training loads. Why not? A lot of strength coaches do. A: You can’t … continue reading


Ageless Strength Training, Pt. 3

/ Posted 07.24.2008

I want to cover aspects of keeping the older body strong, fit and healthy that I didn’t elaborate on in previous installments of this series.

The Best Sets/Reps System

/ Posted 07.01.2008

The key point is that your body will adapt to any routine in six workouts. No single best system works all the time. It works only for the time it takes you to adapt to

An Ideal Beginning Strength Program

/ Posted 02.04.2008

The majority of requests for information I receive deal with back injuries and programming. This month I present what I … continue reading

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