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Is Conjugated Linoleic Acid Anabolic?

/ Posted 03.04.2014

Conjugated linoleic acid is an isomer of linoleic acid, an essential omega-6 fatty acid. Structurally, CLA contains both cis and … continue reading

Vital Macronutrients for Building Strength and Muscle

/ Posted 02.20.2014

Ask any bodybuilder what the most important nutrient for building muscle is, and the likely reply will be, “Protein.” So … continue reading

Get More Protein as You Age

/ Posted 11.15.2013

A recent study compared protein intake after a workout in young and over-40 subjects. The young men showed elevated muscle … continue reading

Meat, Carnitine and Heart Disease

/ Posted 10.31.2013

A study released in April 2013 implicated beef as a primary cause of cardiovascular disease.1 What was surprising about the … continue reading

Carbs, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

/ Posted 09.10.2013

Q: I’m a mature bodybuilding enthusiast. I’ve never competed, but I have been training hard with weights most of my … continue reading

How Much Protein Do You Need Per Meal?

/ Posted 09.04.2013

What’s the magic number? Twenty grams? Forty grams? How much protein should you get per meal? The dirty little answer … continue reading

Milk: Does a Body Good—or Not so Good?

You’ve seen the arguments about milk and other dairy products. While they’re full of protein, the cows they come from … continue reading

Does Protein Make You Fat?

/ Posted 07.25.2013

Self-styled experts often attribute various side effects to long-term high-protein diets—dehydration, calcium and bone loss, kidney disease and even increased … continue reading

Protein for Sport Performance

/ Posted 05.13.2013

Which is better? Carbohydrate alone or an isocaloric amount of carbohydrate plus protein? Those old-school fools will tell you that … continue reading

Does eating more protein result in more gains in strength or muscle size?

/ Posted 04.19.2013

 Q: Is it really necessary to increase one’s protein intake above the 0.8 grams per kilo of bodyweight recommended by … continue reading

More Protein to Get Lean?

/ Posted 03.28.2013

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably reduce your carbohydrates. That can help. In fact, there is evidence that … continue reading

Phosphatidic Acid

/ Posted 03.27.2013

As always, some of the best science in the field of sports nutrition is being published in the ISSN’s peer-reviewed … continue reading

Whey Protein vs. Lots of Calories

/ Posted 02.14.2013

If you go to Burger King and “have it your way” or leave KFC with that “finger-lickin’ good” taste in … continue reading

Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise

/ Posted 01.17.2013

With the glut of information available over the Internet about nutrition and exercise, it’s easy to become confused. The problem … continue reading

Whey Protein for Health and Longevity

/ Posted 01.14.2013

Glutathione is a master antioxidant formed from the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. According to Stepen Byrnes, Ph.D., … continue reading

More On Medium-Chain Triglycerides

/ Posted 01.09.2013

Back in the 1980s one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements was medium-chain triglycerides. Just about every top bodybuilder was … continue reading

Finding the Optimal Low Carb Diet/Training Plan

/ Posted 11.20.2012

Q: In working with your many clients, do you find that some gain lean mass more on a moderate-carb, moderate-fat … continue reading

Better Zs, Less Disease

We know that erratic sleep can prevent optimal muscle growth. Part of the reason may be that you get less … continue reading

Is Bread the Staff of Life?

/ Posted 11.05.2012

People often ask me for my “feelings” about eating bread. Those would be concern, doubt and disappointment. Besides the health … continue reading

Latest Studies on Saturated Fat

Most bodybuilders eat a lot of meat and eggs for optimal testosterone production and muscle building, but they’re often warned … continue reading

Is Protein Superior to Carbohydrates for Health?

/ Posted 10.21.2012

In the never-ending quest to find the “best” protein available, suffice it to say that they all have their roles … continue reading

The Power of Protein

/ Posted 09.25.2012

I love protein. In fact, my colleague Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D., R.D., and I just published a book on protein called … continue reading

Beta-Alanine: Proper Dosing Procedures

/ Posted 09.20.2012

Carnosine is a dipeptide, a combination of two amino acids bonded together—histidine and beta-alanine. Since the body is loaded with … continue reading

Saturated Fat: Could It Be Good for Us?

It has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by raising good cholesterol and reducing substances that are linked to heart attack risk.

Stop Struggling to Achieve Your Target Bodyweight

/ Posted 08.23.2012

Q: I’m struggling trying to achieve my target bodyweight—I started off well, but I can’t lose that final 10 pounds. … continue reading

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