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Arm Workouts

Aftershock Arms by Steve Holman
Compound Aftershock Arm Training

Building the Ultimate Physique by John Little
Fast Mass for Your Arms With Max Contraction

Curls Gone Wild by Greg Zulak
Build Freaky Size for Sky-high Bi\'s

Forearm Firestorm by Greg Zulak
Building mass in the forearms and adding width and thickness to the lats.

Guns & Ammo by Jim Hafer
How One Man Packed On 100 Pounds in Nine Months—and Built 21-Inch Arms—No Steroids! (No Kidding!)

Home Grown Biceps by Steve Holman
How to Build a Set of Baseball-Size Bi’s With Nothing but Dumbbells

Home Grown Arms by Steve Holman
How to Build a Set of Titanic Tri’s With Nothing but Dumbbells

Naturally Huge: Forging Freaky Forearms by John Hansen
Big forearms actually help your arms look bigger than they really are.

Tips & Tricks: Bicep Peaks for Big Arms by Greg Zulak
Everybody loves to build big biceps, and everybody loves to do curls. Ironically, many bodybuilders don’t know how to curl correctly.

Tri Harder for Massive Arms by Greg Zulak
The regular triceps extension done with an EZ-curl bar can be a good long-head developer, especially when performed on the decline bench.

Up in Arms by Steve Holman
How to Build Yours to Outrageous Proportions Fast

Ironman's Ultimate Guide to Arm Training Ultimate Guide to Arm Training
For bodybuilders of all levels who want massive biceps, triceps, and forearms.
arms race Arms Race
A 6-month prescription for maximal gains in arm size and strength
super gripper Super Gripper
Get huge forearms with the crushing power of an industrial vise.
bodybuilding encyclopedia Ultimate Bodybuilding Encyclopedia
Arnold, Haney, Mentzer and others reveal their techniques and secrets in their own words.
Critical Arms Video Critical Arms Video
Revolutionary mass training strategy. Get massive biceps, triceps and forearms.
arm workout poster Arm Workout Poster
Get the most out of every workout by training in proper form.
leverage super pec Leverage Arm Curl
More features than your average gym arm curl. Adjustable arm pad, spring load/lock seat adjustment.
POF critical mass video/DVD POF Critical Mass Video/DVD
For bodybuilders of all levels who want a no-nonsense effective approach to building muscle fast.

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