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You Muscles Are Asleep-Wake Them Up With 100s

Professional bodybuilder Tom Terwilliger and his wife, Dawn Terwilliger

After you’ve been training several years you develop certain beneficial patterns and some not so beneficial. One of the patterns that has benefited me over the years has to do with periodically returning to specific workout routines that I know work for stimulating a variety of positive metabolic effects.

The 100s routine happens to be one of the staples in my regular arsenal of muscle producing as well as mind and WILL challenging programs.


“It’s one of the most powerful tools for breaking physical
and mental training plateaus.”

The benefits are far-reaching:

1. It shocks the central nervous system (a little like getting hit by a truck) which can and does increase a rise in the production of both muscle producing hormones – growth hormone and testosterone.

2. It works even better than the familiar H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) for rapid fat loss. Performing a set of 100 squats for example, can take as long as 2 full minutes with your heart rate spiking to near 100% by about the half way mark. This is what I call a full-blown metabolic spike that triggers a serious post workout fat burning effect.

3. For athletes it’s amazing because it increases the number of fuel burning mitochondria within the muscle cell. 100 = more medication = more endurance and stamina = more gold. It’s a simple formula.

4. If the gym is the strength of will proving ground (and for those of us who strive, it is) then 100s both challenge and simultaneously strengthens our WILL within that environment. There’s no ambiguity with 100s – you push through the freaking reps 50-70-80-90-100 – or you quit. It’s black and white – no grey. You either find, deep down inside yourself what it takes or you discover that like the muscles themselves your WILL needs some further development.

5. It’s a great routine for both men and women. Because it’s not designed to build BIG bulky muscle, both rather stimulate the ability to do so, women really benefit from 100s as way of reducing body fat and adding shape to their frame.

Try it on for SIZE if you think your ready and if you’re not ready all the more reason to get to it.



100s workout is not for everyone.

If you have history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes,
whining, crying or complaining check with your Dr. or Wet Nurse before attempting this workout!

100s Workout

Day 1 – Back / Biceps

  • Back
  1. Wide cable pull downs 100
  2. Squat position cable rows 25/20/15
  3. One arm DB rows off bench 100 each side
  4. Lower back extensions 25/20/15
  • Biceps
  1. Standing Cable/DB curls 100

Day 2 – Legs / Calves

  • Quads
  1. BB squats 100
  2. Lunges 25/20/15
  3. Inverted leg press 100
  • Calves
  1. Leg press toe raises 100
  • Hamstrings
  1. leg curls 100
  2. Stiff leg dead lifts 25/20/15

Day 3 – Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

  • Chest
  1. BB bench press on ball 100
  2. Incline DB press 25/20/15
  3. Cable cross overs 100
  • Shoulders
  1. Bent over laterals 25/20/15
  2. Side laterals 100
  • Triceps
  1. Lying cable tri extension 100
  2. Fit ball pushups 3 sets to max(failure)

Important note

  • Q. How much weight should I use for the 100s? For the 100s exercises choose a weight that is approximately 20-30% of what you could perform a tough set of 10 reps ( 100 lbs x 30% = 30lbs). You’ll have to experiment but error on the side of lighter for the first couple of workouts and track every weight with notations up< or > down for the next workout. The goal is to get straight through to 100 with only a few short pauses (5-10 sec max)- if it’s to easy increase the resistance.
  • How long should I do this program? This routine should be performed for no more than 8 weeks… the start of week 5 you will flip-flop the routine. The exercises you were doing 100s with you will then do 25/20/15 and visa verse.

Tom Terwilliger

Share your experience with this routine. Tell me about the after-burn or send progress pictures!

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