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Yogi a Fool with His Pick of Ruhl?

The “Experts” top five picks for this weekend’s Europa in Dallas are in and, as always, The Swami’s crystal ball insures my fellow teammates, Isaac “Hardbody” Hinds, and Ron “Yogi” Avidan, will once again bow to the Master Prognosticator.

Swami’s Top Five: 1. Cedric McMillan 2. Mark Alvisi 3. Bill Wilmore 4. Markus Ruhl 5. Leo Ingram. Yes, I’m going with the rookie, Cedric “Big Mac” McMillan, to score a huge win in his pro debut. As you know from seeing Cedric dominate last season’s Nationals, he’s far from a hamburger, and will chop up the competition. At 6’2” and about 265 pounds, with beautiful shape and symmetry, McMillan jumps out loud and clear in my sphere. That said, Ced, you’d better show up in prime time shape, ya hear!

And, yes, I’m going with another first-timer, Mark Alvisi, to nab the second place spot as well. Alvisi hasn’t competed since taking the Overall at the 2009 USA, so this could wind up being a battle between last season’s USA and Nationals winners. A great story line. I’ve always thought Mark would be a darn good pro, and here’s his chance to prove me correct. Adding a McMillan and Alvisi to next month’s Olympia line-up is a good thing. New blood, get it?

Hardbody’s Top Five: 1. Alvisi 2. McMillan 3. Wilmore 4. Joel Stubbs 5. Markus Ruhl. As you can see, Isaac flip flops my picks; if this is too much to comprehend, just understand Isaac has Mark winning, Cedric in second. I applaud Hardbody for taking the “underdog”—IF we can call an in-shape Alvisi an underdog.

Yogi’s Top Five: Ruhl 2. McMillan 3. Alvisi 4. Wilmore 5. Ben White.

If Ruhl, the big, bad German, ain’t getting the respect he deserves from me and Hinds, he’s certainly is from Yogi. Avidan places Ruhl FIRST! “He may be too muscular to win, but the fans love him,” Yogi explains.

Say what? Thus, the moniker Yogi stays in place for another year. Notice Avidan’s fifth place selection of White. As Avidan would say, very interesting. Especially since I hear White might not even be flexing on stage! Bonehead Pick of the Year to date?

Other fella’s who could crack the top five: Grigori Atoyan, Mike Kefalianos, Shawn Rhoden and Brandon Curry. Yes, Curry. I know he was a disappointing sixth in his pro debut in Tampa a few weeks back, but he’s had time to tweak to hit his peak. Actually, I came THIS close to tabbing Brandon in fifth.

Swami has spoken. Over, under and OUT!

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