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Will Cutler Retire?

Chatted with Jay Cutler the other day and, natch, the subject came up of rumors circulating that the 35-year-old two-time Mr. Olympia will retire after losing the title to Dexter Jackson last week.
I got the response I expected. Cutler admitted he was “off” at the Friday night prejuding-and quickly added that he’ll be back to regain the Sandow in 2009. Cutler gave Jackson his props, but feels he lost the show more than Jackson won it. And, that if he shows up on stage next year in the condition he was in at the Finals, he will become a three-time champion-the goal he has set for himself in his illustrious career.
Will Jay also jump into the Arnold Classic, which he won three years in a row from 2002-2004? Nope. Says he’ll be concentrating solely on the ‘Olympia, and making sure he’s in shape when it counts the most-at the prejuding. “I was 260 at the prejudging, and dropped 12 pounds for the finals, but it wasn’t enough,” admitted Cutler, who fell nine points behind “The Blade” after the prejuding before taking rounds three and four at the Finals by a couple of digits. “Next year will be different.”
Be sure to check out my News and Views column in the January issue, where I dissect Cutler’s decision to not hang up the posing trunks, as so many of my readers have insisted he do. And, offer my thoughts on whether he really can nab the game’s top title in what will be the most competitive ‘Olympia line-up in many years.

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