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Why I wrote the book

Although I’ve written over 3,000 published articles during the last 30 years, I have not, until now, ventured into the world of book writing. But recently, with the encouragement of Ironman editor-in-chief, Steve Holman, and publisher John Balik, I’ve finally decided to make the leap  to the book world. To be precise, my first book is an E-book, which of course stands for electronic book.

The title of the book is Natural Anabolics, and it covers in concise fashion most of the more popular ergogenic aid sports supplements available on the market. What sets this book apart from others, however, is the total lack of commercial nonsense and outright lies too often seen on books on nutrition that are supposed to be objective.

This book answers many of the common questions that people have asked me over the years, such as are there any supplements that actually boost testosterone levels, and others.

This is not my first venture into the world of total truth. About a decade ago, Ironman published a newsletter that I wrote called Applied Metabolics. I was originally supposed to write this with a medical doctor and a well-known exercise physiologist. The medical doctor backed out of the project after signing a contract with a supplement company. The physiologist had recently begun working for another magazine, and backed out of participating in the newsletter because of fear of repercussions from the publisher of the magazine. So I wrote the whole thing myself.

This was the type of publication that supposedly would appeal to a wide range of intelligent readers, since it contained no advertising, and I had no limits in regard to writing the whole truth and nothing but. That is also true of the new e-book.

I think it will serve as a handy antidote to the crap that is regularly published in some magazines, and is rampant in ads pertaining to various supplements. Somebody had to step up to the plate about this flood of B.S falling on the public, and I was happy to take the bat. Those who’ve read my work over the years know that it is devoid of lies and commercial ties. I usually avoid writing about studies that push particular products, knowing how easy it is to manipulate studies, and also because I refuse to be an unpaid shill for supplement companies. If you want to know the truth about the most popular sports supplements and sports nutrition, check out for info on my e-book.

Learn the truth about anabolic supplements in my e-book, Natural Anabolics, available at

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