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Who The Hell Are You?

Tom TerwilligerOk, so obviously I don’t know you… YET, and you may or may not know me.

In which case you might be wondering “who the hell is this guy and what gives him the balls to be blogging on Ironman alongside the likes of LONNIE TEPER, STEVE HOLMAN, JOHN HANSEN, and the crazy X-Rep crew

… and although that might be an ignorant question it’s also a legitimate one.

But as long as you’re contemplating that question… let me ask you this,

Who the hell are you?

Because that’s what I intend to find out. And more importantly that’s what I want you to discover as well. Not so much the “superficial” exterior you, but the nuts and bolts, driven, motivated, willing to do what no one else is willing to do, unstoppable you… the real you.  That’s who I am interested in getting to know.

And I have no problem asking the “uncomfortable” questions, making the direct observations and cutting through as much BS as you can shovel to get to that answer.


Because what torques my brain more than just about anything is having to witness untapped or wasted human potential… and because I suspect that YOU have been playing a lot SMALLER than your POTENTIAL… and that shit pisses me off.

When I was competing back in the 80’s before turning pro there were countless athletes who where far superior to me in genetic gifts, aptitude, and god knows “self esteem.” But for some reason what I witnessed reflected anything but that superiority.

One by one I would see would-be champions losing it, falling apart and dropping out for one lame reason after another.

It really struck me, oddly enough as “disappointing” when one of my chief competitors, a guy who at every competition had me against the ropes and battling for my skinny ass amateur life, suddenly dropped out of competition and just stopped training.  And even though it made more room for me at the top I realized even then that I hated to see wasted or untapped human potential.

The truth is I was inspired and motivated by that guy and was in training to beat him as much as I was to tap into my own potential greatness. When he disappeared a small part of my motivation went with him.

I want to be inspired and motivated by you. That’s right… YOU!

You may or may not realize this but you have the capability of inspiring and motivating not only me but countless others simply by “striving” in earnest to be the best you can be.

Honestly, when it really comes down to it, none of us gives a a rats ass what your abs look like. What we really care about, whether we know it consciously or not,  is what your heart and the strength of your will looks like… that’s the stuff that inspires us.

After all… isn’t that what inspires you?

So who am I? I am the guy who is going to help you find in yourself the man or women that is capable if inspiring the world.

If you’d like to know more, Google me!

I’ll see you in the winners circle.

Tom Terwilliger




PS. How am I going to get to know you if you don’t leave a comment or share your two cents?!

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