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Wheat, Wheat, Don’t Tell Me

A gluten-free diet for non-celiac sufferers has experienced more debate than Ben Affleck as Batman.

Is it paleo-rubbish or a legitimate way to reduce inflammation and boost overall health? While the answer may depend heavily on the individual, one recent study found that a gluten-free diet can lead to more effective fat loss, even when calories remain the same. In an animal study conducted by researchers at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, scientists put two groups of mice on a high-fat diet. One group was given meals containing gluten while the other group noshed on gluten-free food. After eight weeks, the gluten-free mice had put on less weight than the mice in the control group. The researchers noticed fewer inflammatory reactions in the gluten-free group and a better insulin response, and summarized the study by writing, “Our data support the beneficial effects of gluten exclusion in reducing bodyweight and adiposity gain, inflammation and insulin resistance.”


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