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West Coast Classic Gets (Ami) Lean

LT and Vince Kandis

Drove out to DNA Nutrition last Friday in Northridge, the work place of Ron "Yogi" Avidan. About a 35-mile trek, but it was well worth it. No, it wasn’t in honor of Elvis’ birth date (the King would have turned 75), I was meeting Vince Kandis there so Yogi could snap the picture of Vince signing on as the new Title Sponsor for my June contest.

Tylene Marie

Yes, I lost after a six-year run, but Vince (and brother Spiro ) came through, and the show is now offically called the 2010 NPC AmiLean West Coast Classic. AmiLean is the new "Tighten, Tone & Define" solution the former owners of VyoTech have produced.

Vince, his pretty young lady, Tylene Marie, Yogi and I celebrated the new venture by venturing to a nearby IHOP. As the other three tried to eat clean, I gobbled up a plage of whole grain pancakes–with plenty of syrup, thank you. Tylene was by far the best looking body at that table (or any other table, for that matter), but I have to admit Yogi is slimming down these days. He’s about 20 pounds lighter than he was at ‘Olympia time.

Still, we both have a ways to go to steal the show, so we pondered rubbing some AmiLean up, down and ’round our bellies. But, we decided even this product can’t help us at this point. Another two months, Vince, and we’ll give it a go.

Hell, by the time the West Coast Classic rolls around on June 26, you may want to consider both of us as models for the product. Love my sense of humor, eh Vince? And, breakfast on me next time.

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