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Weekend Roundup 2: L.A. Gets Mello

LAGP13_3470WbPatricia Mello scored an easy victory at the Los Angeles Grand Prix Pro Physique on April 13 in Culver City, California. It was the second win of her career as a women’s-physique competitor, the first since the newest women’s sport earned a spot at the Olympia. I say easy because hers was easily the best total package of symmetry, proportion and just enough muscle and conditioning onstage at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, but make no mistake—the lineup of 16 featured a lot of depth.

In second, former fitness performer Venus Nguyen had perhaps the most polished presentation in the show—spot-on conditioning and drop-dead gorgeous posing—even at the judging. Karin Hobbs, (formerly Kimura), another total-package type, took third, while the symmetrical and proportionate but maybe a hair too muscular Jill Ruddison landed in fourth. Loan Leonard, a rookie with a physique reminiscent of Hobbs’s took fifth, getting on the Olympia-points board in her pro debut.

In the race for the most overlooked competitor, Debbie Barrable (formerly Leung), a one-time Canadian National champ in bodybuilding as well as figure, gets my vote. Barrable, who took third in physique at the Toronto Pro, is one former bodybuilder whose physique was made for physique. She looked better than 11th place to these eyes, but the season is young, with the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida, and the Optimum Classic in Shreveport, Louisiana, coming up over the next two weekends.

So far only three women are qualified for the Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown, which will take place in Las Vegas during the big weekend, September 27 and 28—Tamee Marie, Sabrina Taylor and Mello. So each of the nine WPD contests scheduled to take place before then should be very competitive.

Photos: Patricia Mello (top) and Venus Nguyen

’13 Los Angeles Grand Prix Pro Physique
LAGP13_3367Wb1) Patricia Mello
2) Venus Nguyen
3) Karin Hobbs
4) Jill Rudison
5) Loan Leonard
6) Susan Graham
7) Michelle Trapp
8) Anne Marrie Kam
9) Tycie Coppett
10) Antonia Perdikakis
11) Debbie Barrable
12) Anne Marie Lasserre
13) Janessa Roy
14) Keri Ann Heitzman
15) Stacy Simons McDowell
16) Elizabeth White

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