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Vision and History: Muscle Beach Time Capsule

The historical aura of Muscle Beach was created by the aspirations and accomplishments of the athletes who made it a place for their self expression. Muscle Beach is where the worldwide fitness movement was born in 1934. Physical culture legends such as Jack La Lanne, the Tanny Brothers and Joe Gold to name a few, became the leaders of a vanguard which changed the world.

Joe Wheatley and his wife, Christine, are the current torchbearers of that heritage. Since 2003 their vision and tenacity have polished the aura of Muscle Beach by elevating the awareness of Muscle Beach not only through very successful bodybuilding, power lifting and strongman events but also by creating both a lifetime achievement award and a Hall of Fame award honoring the legends and supporters of Muscle Beach.

This time capsule is a result of their commitment to Muscle Beach and the preservation of its place in history.

I am very proud to be a part of that history and to call Joe Wheatley a friend.

For more info on the Toy Drive and Time Capsule events at Muscle Beach this coming weekend Dec. 12-13, go to Joe’s blog here.

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