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Underachievers Rule!

If you want to succeed, don?t try to overachieve

There’s a teacher named Raymond Aaron, from Ontario, Canada, who has seminars and tapes on subjects such as sales, goal setting [and so on].

On the subject of goal setting he recommends something that follows in line with the idea of taking baby steps instead of great leaps forward. He recommends having great big long-term dreams and wishes. Yet, when it comes to setting goals, instead of trying to take a great leap forward, he recommends underachieving by doing less than you would want to. Instead of going to the gym for one hour, commit to going for only 20 minutes.

In other words, set an underachieving goal and force yourself to stick with it. Instead of being overwhelmed, you’ll feel underwhelmed. By feeling underwhelmed, I have found myself looking forward to going to the gym. The strange thing is that I find I achieve today by being an underachiever instead of trying to kill myself and be an overachiever. In summary, dream big, daring dreams, and then underachieve a little bit each day’in other words, take baby steps instead of great leaps over the cliff. Set attainable daily goals that, when achieved, provide positive reinforcement to help you stay on the path to the big goal. ‘Robert T. Kiyosaki, Cashflow Quadrant

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