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Coenzyme Q10 may help your heart

It is often suggested that coenzyme Q10 may be an ergogenic aid because it plays a pivotal role in a cellular process that leads to ATP synthesis and is known as the electron transport system.

Q10 also appears to have potent antioxidant effects, especially in the mitochondria, the portion of the cell where energy is produced. Studies examining the ergogenic effects of Q10 have mostly proved negative. Some studies, however, show that Q10 may be valuable in treating various medical conditions, including heart failure and high blood pressure.

A researcher from the City University of New York presented a case study of a 24-year-old athlete with high blood pressure who took 50 milligrams of supplemental Q10 daily. This led to decreased systolic blood pressure and improved exercise performance.

Most blood pressure drugs seriously interfere with training intensity, so Q10 may offer some compensating therapeutic effects.

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