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Training for Multiple Os

(And we?re not talking Olympias here)

Q: Please help settle a bet I made with my girlfriend. She’s been trying to convince me that men can have multiple orgasms. I think that’s a bunch of new-age psycho-babble hype. Any guy can tell you that after he climaxes, there’s little to no chance of another spasm of ecstasy immediately following. Sure, I can wait a few minutes and get off again, but is that really considered multiple orgasms?

A: Good news! You lose the bet, but you now have the opportunity to win on a much higher level. Unfortunately, most men share your viewpoint about men having multiple orgasms. There are probably more misconceptions about it than there are about the female G-spot, so let’s set the record straight once and for all. Yes! Men are very capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. And, speaking as a member of the fairer sex, which has seemingly had the monopoly on this phenomenon, you definitely want to learn how to indulge yourself in the practice.

As a bodybuilder you already have a leg up on the general public in becoming master of your domain. You understand the importance of training your muscles to perform a certain way. The muscle we are concerned with in the case of multiple orgasms is the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which is the support muscle for the genitals in both men and women. It’s called into action whenever you need to stop the flow of your urine. If you need help locating it, the next time you urinate, spread your legs and stop in midstream. The muscle you feel contracting is your PC muscle, and whipping that baby into peak condition is the key to extending your crotch-sneeze of an orgasm to explosive waves of pleasure. (Ladies, pay attention. It can work for you too.)

Here’s your first multiple-orgasm training regimen: Flex your PC muscle 20 times, holding each contraction for one to two seconds. Be sure to isolate the PC. If your abs, buttocks and upper thighs are tense, you’re trying too hard. Keep everything completely relaxed and just concentrate on stopping the flow of urine.

Do these 20 repetitions three times per day, every day for three weeks. It’s not as easy as you may believe, but it’ll become second nature in a week or so. Don’t do more than 20 reps per set during the first three weeks. The PC muscle is usually extremely underused and is at risk of becoming stressed easily. If you think a pulled hamstring is rough, try nursing an overworked PC muscle back to health.

After the first three weeks of 20 short contractions, add 10 slow contractions to each set. Hold the slow contraction as hard as you can for five-second intervals. It’s important to stick with this schedule just as you would with your regular exercise regimen. You can even incorporate your PC training into your weight training, since these exercises can be done inconspicuously. It gives you something to do during your two-to-three-minute rest intervals besides standing around and sipping your sports drink.

Now comes the tricky part’and probably what you referred to as new-age psycho-babble hype. You must learn how to separate your orgasm from your ejaculation. Yes, you read that right. Orgasm and ejaculation don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If you can delay or prevent the ejaculation, your orgasm will be greatly intensified. That’s where that buff PC muscle can do wonders in enhancing your sex life. It not only stops the flow of urine but of semen as well.

The next time you’re humping away, remember that your pleasure will be much greater if you can postpone the spew of ejaculate. When you’re riding that wave and just about to go to the point of no return, it’s time for a PC posedown. You’ll find that when you contract the PC’and thus prevent ejaculation’the orgasmic rush will continue for at least five to 10 minutes. The contraction of the PC will also massage your prostate, which intensifies orgasms in men and promotes a healthy prostate. Some men can experience multiple orgasms by having their lover press on their prostate by means of the perineum (the area of flesh between the scrotum and anus) or by inserting a finger into the rectum’but I think that’s a little too much information for a neophyte orgasmer such as you. Practice your PC exercises and read the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava, published by HarperCollins. When you have your first multiple orgasm, write to me again, and we can discuss this in greater depth. IM

Editor’s note: Laura Moore is a science writer for IRONMAN and Penthouse magazines and She’s the host of the radio show ‘The Health Nuts,’ which airs in the southeastern United States. Address your sex-fitness questions to her by visiting

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