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Train To Gain: Zap Your Traps Pt. 3

EMG studies on the trapezius muscles.

The past few months we’ve presented the results of several EMG studies on the trapezius muscles. In this final installment we’ll see which exercise produces the greatest amount of electromyographic activity in those muscles. For the purpose of the study subjects were asked to perform various trapezius exercises while we recorded EMG measurements for the target muscles.

Here are our results:

1) Olympic bar shrugs, 71 percent
2) Dumbbell shrugs, 64 percent
3) Behind-the-back barbell shrugs, 64 percent

Our data indicated that there was a significantly greater effect for Olympic bar shrugs than for dumbbell shrugs and behind-the-back barbell shrugs. Olympic bar shrugs appear to be the best trap exercise, according to our EMG studies. IM

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