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Torn Quad Knocks Warren out of Olympia

The injury on Saturday, as one might figure, didn’t happen in the gym. The unfortunate event took place, according to a reliable source, when Branch Warren, in Atlanta, Georgia for a guest posing appearance, slipped on wet pavement while getting into a car. The accident resulted in a torn left quad, according to doctors at Baylor Hospital in Texas; Warren was scheduled for surgery Monday. Although Warren is knocked out of next month’s Mr. Olympia, sources say he plans to be back on stage to defend his title at the 2012 ASC in March.

The 5’7″, 250-pounder from Keller, TX finished third in the 2010 Olympia, and was runner-up to Jay Cutler the year before that. Warren, 36. has won the “Most Muscular” Award at the Arnold Classic a record five times.

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