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Toney’s Terrific Again at Europa; James Second, Abiad Third

Results for Pro Men: 

1 Toney Freeman

2 Dennis James

3 Fouad Abiad

4 Will Harris

5 Tarek Elsetouhi


Results for Men 202 and Under:

1 James Flex Lewis

2 Roc Shabazz

3 Jaroslav Horvath

4 Curtis Bryant

5 George Farah

6 Frederic Sauvage

7 Michael Valentino

8 Richard (Tricky) Jackson

9 Guy Ducasse

10 Brian Chamberlain

11 Steve Namat

12 Michal Kindred

NP Ahmad Ahmad

NP Anthony Finocchiaro

NP Clifton Torres 

NP Derik Farnsworth

NP Flavio Baccianini

NP Jose Alves-Jorge

NP Juan Marquez

NP Khalid Almohsinawi

NP Randy Jackson Sr.

NP Roland Huff

NP Vincent Liu

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