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Tom Terwilliger Challenges You In 2012 In This Radio Interview!

Tom is a close friend and contributor to Iron Man, but if there has ever been an ambassador for fitness and healthy living, it would be #1 bestselling author, international speaker, and former Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger. Tom has spent the past 30 years practicing, advocating and preaching the benefits of exercise and performance living. Known as “The Achievement Mentor” Tom Terwilliger is a leading authority on the science of achievement.

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The one time New York health club owner now president of Coaching Leadership Excellence has had the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with countless individuals seeking guidance, motivation and leadership. Celebrities such as Regis Philbin, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Gregory Hines, Ted Lange, Howard Stern and others have experienced the benefits of training one-on-one with Tom.

For sixteen years Tom hosted and co-directed and produced the nationally syndicated cable television show, MuscleSport USA on FOX Network which earned him a prestigious Telly Award in 2001.


Get fired up to get into shape.  You can get all info you need right here on the IM site.  If you don’t have the time go to the gym then do it first think in the morning like I do.  I go to the best gym in my area (Fitness Connection) and it opens up at 5:00 AM and there are quite a few people dedicated there.  The equipment is great, the temperature is comfortably and the members and staff are friendly so 5:00 AM doesn’t’ seem too bad once you get there. :-)  I have Fitness Connection, look for something similar near you!

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