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The USA and Deadlines

I’ve been LMAO ever since I got back from the USA and discovered that the little blog entry I wrote on Thursday night—regarding crazy magazine deadlines, dead laptops and that I’d be Tweeting from Roland Balik‘s iPhone during the big NPC weekend in Vegas—never got posted. Talk about not knowing which way is up. (I could have sworn….)

The Tweeting experiment met with mixed success (the iPhone keyboard is a slippery little thing); however, we did manage a few comments. They appear in a window on this page.

Please note: The first one was sent very early Saturday morning—after the long men’s and bikini judging—from the 24-hour cafe at Terrible’s Hotel & Casino as a bleary-eyed Roland and I awaited the $15 steak special and a stiff drink. As that is not a pretty picture, we did not take one. :)

At the opposite end of the evening, I had taken my first photo of the weekend. That shot—of sisters and fellow bikini hopefuls Tamara and Summer White—appears here.

More later (the IRON MAN deadline is almost over). In the meantime, check out Roland’s USA photos.

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