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The Top Fitness Business Interviews Of 2011

All right this is freaking cool… well for me anyway – so I thought I would share it.  2011 was an interesting sort of up and down year of a lot of people… myself included. But one thing for sure over the past 12 months is that I have been introduced to, worked and collaborated with and even got to know a lot of very cool, interesting and successful people in the fitness community.  Largely in part do to the fact that I finally got out from behind my desk and out of the freaking gym.

One of the cool people I met is a young fitness entrepreneur named Erik Rokeach who has devoted the past year to conducting interviews with some of the fitness business communities leading experts.  Erik’s story in it’s self is a one of courage and inspiration – but that’s not what he wants to be about. He is committed to helping other fitness professionals find and use success strategies to build their business and have the ability to reach and serve more people.  Well I happen to have been one of one the people he interviewed along the way.

Erik just released his top 5 Fitness Business Interviews for 2011 and here is where it get’s cool… for me. Last time I made the top 5 was in my third  IFBB pro show back in______.  Like then…  I’m in good company.

John Spencer Ellis, Vicki Anderson, Nick Savage, Brian Delvin round out  the top 5. See all at Fitness Business Interviews

Here is Erik’s skype interview with yours truly.  Be honest does my laptop video cam make my nose look BIG?  When I said I wanted to look HUGE that’ not what I had in mind. But I do think you’ll find the interview fun, provocative and overflowing with my mellow, relaxed and subdued demeanor (NOT)… but regardless I thought you might enjoy it.

Here is part two of the interview:

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