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The Eat-Clean Diet for Men

The Eat-Clean DietThe Eat-Clean Diet for Men is different from other books in its category. For one thing, it’s written by husband and wife Bob Kennedy and Tosca Reno. It’s also printed on heavy glossy paper, every page in glorious color-and one of the authors is tied to hardcore bodybuilding. Bob is the publisher of MuscleMag International, Oxygen, Reps and other magazines and the author of numerous books-and if you’ve seen him at bodybuilding contests, you know he’s also the proud owner of a lot of flashy sport coats.

The book is set up like a magazine, each page with two columns of type and photos placed within those columns-with lots of sidebars, charts and full-page photos. The real difference, however, is in the information it presents. The eating guidelines are pure bodybuilding fare-high protein, low-glycemic carbs and good fats, meaning essential fatty acids; five to six smaller meals a day and so on—but it’s packaged for the average Joe.

So this isn’t a bodybuilding diet book, per se. It’s more like bodybuilder eating principles for the overweight looking to get lean and continue healthful eating for life. That’s something just about everyone could benefit from. As the authors say, “Never have North Americans been so consumed with health and nutrition yet at the same time so ill.” It’s a sad, not to mention dangerous, dichotomy, and this book can help any man-or woman-turn his or her life around.

Proof that these eating principles work is Tosca’s story. You’ll see her before and after photos in the first part of the book. After adopting clean-eating strategies, she looks much better today at 49 than she did at 39, when she was overweight. She was motivated to change how she ate in order to enter a physique contest, and today she looks like a top fitness model. Also included throughout the book are other Eat-Clean success stories to inspire you.

The last third of the 350-page tome is filled with delicious recipes, like orange-mango cashew chicken, five-bean stew and the big-fello portebello open-faced sandwich. You’ll see how to make each one, with ingredients, cooking requirements and the time it takes to prepare. The authors have also listed the nutritional values for each dish.

At the end of the book you’ll find a two-week meal plan, complete with shopping lists; however, keep in mind that these are templates you can alter. The balance of the book teaches you the Eat-Clean rules to follow to make nutrition part of your lifestyle. There’s no “diet” to follow, despite the title.

The Eat-Clean Diet for Men is written in a motivational, coach-to-pupil style without a lot of science jargon. It’s very easy to read. If you’re an experienced bodybuilder, you know most of what’s in this book, although it’s always good to review and pick up a few recipes. My guess is that you probably get asked a lot by Joe Average how to eat to get in shape. Now your answer can be one line: Read The Eat-Clean Diet for Men; it will tell you everything you need to know.

Editor’s note: The Eat-Clean Diet for Men is available at or call (800) 447-0008. IM

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