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The Challenge to Build Muscle–Step Over the Line

The champions I trained with taught me that while the proper training information is important, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll build all the muscle you’re after. You must have that fire-in-your-gut desire to get the physique you desire. Training information is absolutely worthless if you don’t have the motivation to succeed.

When I talked with these champions, I discovered that they were all relentless in their pursuit of their goals. They all had a strategy for setting goals, and they set their total focus on sticking with our programs no matter what. They were all willing to step over the line in their training into a level of intensity others fear.

Motivation is having and pursuing a goal as if we had already achieved it, no thought or consideration is given to failure, discouragement or any appearances contrary to our desired outcome. We have the intention to succeed, and we achieve out intended reps or weight because we intend to. It’s a–– flat out––intense desire to succeed no matter friggin’ what! Intense desire fuels our inner drive and catapults us to tap into our true genius potential.

If you want to build muscle then decide right now, that you’re going passionately pursue it with all your might! That means pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible. That means staying on your eating plan even though your friends are having pizza, drinking beer, staying out late, missing meals and training like pansies.

Your training will put you to the test over and over again, and only through intense desire will you overcome the obstacles before you and reach your full potential.

You MUST get absolutely fed-up with the way you look. THAT will kick-start your inner drive to finally get what you’re after. Become determined that no matter what the challenges, you will get the muscle you’re after. Are you ready to make that commitment and tap into your true potential? Say YES!

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