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The Art of Abs

I spent a lot of my life in “decent” shape. Throughout high school and college, I just coasted along.

Like a lot of guys, ate all sorts of crap, drank too much, exercise too little. I’d spend my weekends with cocktails and bar food…and I got away with it. (For a while, at least.)

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And then…it all started to catch up with me. Maybe it was the stress of my job as a financial adviser. Maybe it was that I wasn’t as active anymore. Heck, maybe it was that I was just getting older (I’m only 28, for cryin’ out loud!). Whatever the case, you can’t do that forever…

Compound that lifestyle over a few short years and you’ve got a perfect recipe for skinny fat.

Forget actually being skinny fat, it was the FEELING that got me. It was that voice in my head, that pit in the stomach, like I was about to vomit. I hated it. You never realize how something so little, and unimportant can play a substantial role in how you think and feel. I wasn’t happy and I needed a change. I ultimately realized it was up to me to do this.

How did it happen?

I did a six week transformation. I cleared the bullshit I’ve been told or believed and sold out to the idea of making this work. I focused on the things I could control and I made every effort to reach my goal. After six weeks my results were pretty stunning. I went from 12% body fat down 6%. I’ve been able to maintain it ever since.

It was a lot of trial and error but eventually after piecing some things together I was able to figure out what worked.

—Dave Dreas

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