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Texas Shredder Classic XII

The word was that there was a “buzz” around the country about the ’09 NPC Nutrishop Texas Shredder Classic. That may be true, but when the time came on April 25, there was a roar in Austin, Texas. The 12th Annual Texas Shredder Classic was absolutely the best ever. The only glitch was that my daughters, Blythe and Molly, couldn’t sell tickets fast enough at the door and we had to hold up the start of the night show because there were so many people waiting to get in. With more than 150 entries and a sold-out Texas School for the Deaf Auditorium, Texas bodybuilding fans were in for a real treat.

My good friend and IFBB fitness pro Nicole Hobbs opened the show with her dazzling routine. Later on two-time Team Universe champ and NPC National champ Kelly Pettiford displayed his world-class physique.

The most exciting thing about this show—at least for me—was the rematch between ’08 novice middleweight champ Craig Ritchie and ’08 novice heavyweight champ Amechi “Kene” Chinweze. At last year’s show Ritchie narrowly took the novice overall with an incredibly muscular and shredded physique. This year the duo went head to head in the open heavyweight division. Both men came in better than last year, but it was the much improved 6’4”, 238-pound Chinweze who took the heavyweight and overall titles.

The women’s bodybuilding title proved to be a battle of the middleweights. Returning champion Mary Moran Parker had her hands full with muscular Jorah Messbarger. But Mary was able to outmuscle Jorah for the middleweight victory and repeated as women’s overall champion.

The figure division was a judge’s nightmare, with 46 outstanding ladies entered. Gorgeous figure B champion Holly Kalani Barber held off class winners Christina Carroll, Stephanie Flores and Dawn Hinz for a hard-earned overall title.

The bikini division sported a field of 15 beautiful ladies. One of my training partners, Rebekah Gregory—who I had to arm-twist to enter—was absolutely stunning in winning the bikini A class. Rebekah took the nod from the judges for the overall title over statuesque Tianna Flores, sister of figure C champ Stephanie Flores.

The ’09 NPC Nutrishop Texas Shredder Classic once again proved that a drug-free physique contest can be a smashing success. All athletes were polygraph-tested for a five-year drug-free minimum. Open champions were tested by urinalysis. Special thanks to all of our sponsors, particularly Charlie Hartwig, of our title sponsor, Nutrishop Austin. As always, thank you to my staff—the show couldn’t have happened without you. Huge thanks to my daughter Blythe, my girlfriend, Diana Hurley, and my good buddy David Nall. We pulled off another great one.

’09 NPC Texas Shredder Classic

Novice Lightweight
1) Ernesto Portunato
2) August Dobelman
3) Robert Walker
4) Arnold Williams
5) Scott Demoss

Novice Middleweight
1) Nicholas Mossmeyer
2) Jim Nettles
3) Michael Daniels
4) Anthony Stone
5) Matthew Broome

Novice Heavyweight
1) Jake Oszczakiewicz*
2) Brandon Walker
3) Corby Holcomb
4) Patrick Joiner

Men’s Lightweight
1) Wayland Rios
2) Rostant Taylor
3) Michael McCure
4) Joshua Taylor

Men’s Middleweight
1) Robert Ramsey
2) Francisco Montealegne
3) Gerald Peil
4) Eric Hayes
5) Michael Tindall

Men’s Heavyweight
1) Amechi Chinweze*
2) Craig Ritchie
3) Richard Conner
4) Dave McCulley
5) Joseph Lawler

Masters Men 40-49
1) Gerald Peil
2) Eric Hayes
3) Michael Tindall
4) Peter Torres
5) Arnold Williams

Masters Men 50-59
1) Gary Benkendorf
2) Tony Noviello
3) Theo Thurston
4) Sam Felts
5) Patrick Joiner

1) August Dobelman
2) Luis Alvarez

Masters Women
1) Mary Moran Parker
2) Jorah Messbarger
3) Janett Martell
4) Beverly Williams-Hawkins
5) Lacey Ann Brown

Masters Women 50+
1) Beverly Williams-Hawkins

Women’s Lightweight
1) Janett Martell

Women’s Middleweight
1) Mary Moran Parker*
2) Jorah Messbarger
3) Lacey Ann Brown

Figure A
1) Christina Carroll
2) Amber Passini
3) Krissy Richard
4) Michele Wile
5) Dinora Galvan

Figure B
1) Holly Kalani Barber*
2) Dana McKee
3) Kristen McFalls
4) Tammy Kemnitz
5) Angela Hill

Figure C
1) Stephanie Flores
2) Jamie Stewart
3) Erin Rocamontes
4) Julie Fly
5) Pat Lechuga

Figure D
1) Dawn Hinz
2) Angela Kammer-
3) Morgan Bacia
4) Elena Navarro
5) Natasha Reyes

Masters Figure 35+
1) Tammy Kemnitz
2) Tarsha Jackson
3) Alejandra Palacios
4) Traci Baird
5) Charlotta Blalock

Masters Figure 50+
1) Celia Cadena
2) Aura Gallardo

Bikini A
1) Rebekah Gregory*
2) Hilary Coffie
3) Arlene Myer
4) Traci Baird
5) Juanita Wrinkle

Bikini B
1) Tianna Flores
2) Elena Navarro
3) Shannon Beer
4) Yvette Moyer
5) Jennifer Yanko

Masters Bikini
1) Alejandra Palacios
2) Shaley Griffin
3) Tamara Giadone
4) Pat Lechuga
5) Juanita Wrinkle

Novice Women’s
1) Beverly Williams-
2) Julie Brandon
*Overall winners.

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