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Testosterone, Fear and Fat Loss

7206-mind7•According to the January ’13 Bottom Line Health, big T, as in testosterone, is linked to honesty. “Men given testosterone supplements told fewer lies than those given placebos.” Hmm, so the biggest bodybuilders should be the most honest.

•What are you afraid of? Public speaking, heights, heavy squats? One way to shake it off is to verbalize your fear—talk about exactly what you’re feeling. According to the December ’12 Health, a study out of the University of California, Los Angeles, found that describing anxiety when it strikes can ease the mind. Voice your thoughts and feeling out loud—either to another person or to yourself, and your fear should be less severe.

•A recent Danish study found that people who exercised for 30 minutes a day for three months shed more weight than those who worked out for 60 minutes daily. Why? The study’s coauthor, Bente Staliknecht, M.D., explains: “The moderate-dose group tended to increase their activity level throughout the day, indicating that they got more energetic.” So longer, more-draining sessions may make you less active postworkout and burn fewer calories outside the gym. A good lesson for those in need of fat loss: Leave something in the tank when you leave the gym.

—Steve Holman


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