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Tad the Diet Coach on dieting, contest prep, nutrition and anything in between

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Tad the Diet Coach. I have been a bodybuilder, diet coach, nutritionist and fitness enthusiast for over 23 years now. When I first started my journey into the world of bodybuilding all those years ago, I never guessed that years later I would be guiding others in these wonderful pursuits of bodybuilding, figure, bikini and fitness greatness as I do today (Let alone being honored enough in this industry to get to write and author a blog for such a well respected magazine as Ironman Magazine). The icing on the cake for me is that I do all of this for a living; I actually have a career that I love and that keeps me busier than I thought that I could be, even in these challenging economic times.

My intent on this blog is to provide a useful commentary on the topics of dieting, contest preparation (figure, bodybuilding, and bikini), or anything to do with the arena of nutrition and the industries that surrounds them. I hope to add some value to your personal journey in fitness and share some of my journey with you. I warn all of you who are reading, as many of my clients know first hand, I am a man of openness and positive gratitude. As many of you who know me from my posts on Facebook, I focus my personal energy only on the positive nature of my life and others. I honestly don’t believe that negative works in any fashion for anyone. Fear, hatred, and envy are the negative characteristics that I don’t allow into my “happy-bubble.” My “happy-bubble,” is the place that I live, it is my state of mind that I live in, it is my system of beliefs, it is the methodology of my life, and it is my world-view. My HB is also the secret to my personal success.

My wonderful daughter Kiana and me

A big part of Tad's "Happy Bubble!"

As you have no doubt surmised from my meanderings, my views on contest dieting, nutrition and optimum health have some to do with diet tactics but also have a lot to do with your personal emotional and mental focus. If you have ever dieted for any contest, then you can attest that your success in your diet can often rely on your ability to focus on the positive, even when things seem hopeless. And they often do when you don’t get enough carbs to support brain function and your body is burning its own tissue for energy! So, welcome to my world of dieting and positive journeys! Please feel free to email me any questions that you want me to discuss on this blog. I will try to incorporate them into my commentary or cover them in my ramblings. Thanks and see you at the shows!

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